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As you can probably tell, this is the downloads section to Atosaki. Here, I'm hoping to have a variety of files, from mp3s to video clips to full length Sailormoon episodes. If you see something you'd like, feel free to download it. Just keep two things in mind: One: Download one file at a time. Otherwise, bandwidth becomes really slow for others trying to download at the same time. Two: Absolutely no direct linking to these files! If you direct link to these files, Tripod, the host that these files are stored on will not hesitate in deleting my page. Some of you might not care if that happens, but I do! ^-^;;


Remember, absolutely no direct linking to these files! Also, keep in mind that all files have been compressed into .zip files. You'll need a program like WinZip to decompress them. Happy downloading!

Sailor Moon: Songs From the TV Series (first American CD)
Lunarock (second American CD)

Sailormoon Music Box (Disc 1a)
Sailormoon Music Box (Disc 1b and 2)

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