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"Sailormoon Elemental"
Part 1: The Pretty Araki and the Beautiful Tanrei
Jackie Chiang

Quick Copyright notes: This is a fanfic based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, an anime/manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. Characters belong to her and all others associated with rights [Toei, Bandai, Kodansha, etc], but the story line, ideas, and any other characters are created by me. 1997 - Jackie Chiang. Revised: May 1998

The two figures held hands, facing each other, their eyes closed. A bright ball of energy formed between them, their hair flying softly around their faces. Two symbols glowed faintly on their foreheads.

The first figure's eyes opened slowly. "It is time..." the whisper came. "The Second Passing is coming..."

"Yes," the other answered, eyes fixated on the sphere floating in front. "We must prevent it from occurring, or all is doomed..."

"Our enemies must be destroyed..." the first said softly.

"At any cost..." came the dangerously quiet reply.

"A foreign exchange program?" Usagi said, looking at the letter in her hands, a feeling of dread creeping over her.

"Yes," Airashii said, smiling as she sat down next to Seikyu. "We've been chosen to go to America for a year to paricipate in this program." She indicated herself, the rest of the Magic Senshi, Terra, Asa, and Heishi.

Sakana looked up from her calculus book. "It will be so fascinating," she said dreamily. "I've always wanted to go there. The culture, the food, the sights, the guys..."

"Yeah..." the younger Magic Senshi sighed in agreement.

The Sailor Senshi were silent, mulling over the turn of events.

"A whole year..." Usagi finally murmured softly. She gazed at her sisters. "Hikaru-chan... Asa-chan..."

Hikaru gave her a half smile, going to her side and giving her a gentle hug. "Usagi-chan. When we get back, I promise that we'll spend more time together."

Asa nodded in agreement.

"Of course we will," Seikyu said, putting her arms around Haruka and Michiru's shoulders. The two girls grinned despite themselves.

Airashii smiled, putting her hand on her sister's shoulder. "Remember, Michiru," she said, "we still have to do the encore of our quartet..."

"We'll be back," Ureshii said cheerfully, whacking Minako on the back. Minako fell down, and everyone else laughed.

"Tell me about all the cool guys when you get back," Makoto said, feeling better about the whole thing. Koeda grinned. Mako-chan had a one track mind sometimes.

Terra gave her brother a hug, while Heishi looked on. "Mamo-chan... I'll always be here for you."

"Everything will be fine," Shizuka reassured everyone, finality in her voice. "We'll be back faster than you think, so don't worry about it."

While everyone was talking excitedly, the tension and tenderness of the moment broken, Rei and Kirei were staring at each other quietly, apart from the rest of the group.

"You feel it..." Rei murmured. Wisps of her long black hair floated about her face, her eyes filled with worry.

"As do you," her sister nodded in agreement. "A strange power is gathering... And when we leave, it will be as if all hell broke loose..."

The two figures stood on the balcony of the Tokyo Tower, watching the entire city.

"The force is from this city..." the first one murmured, arms on the railing.

"Yes... This is where they are." The second's hair blew gently around, tossed by the wind.

"We can't afford to mess up our mission," the other remarked thoughtfully.

"We won't. When we find them, we will finish them quickly..." the second retorted vehmenately.

"The Sailor Senshi's days are numbered..."

Usagi, feeling depressed after receiving a C- on her English quiz, walked home the long way, through the park. Just as she had gotten everything together... Hikaru, Asa, and Terra were all very supportive of her efforts in school, but now they were gone, in America...

As she moved beneath the shady trees, she heard music in the distance. Ironically, it was from the same place where she had first heard Michiru play her wondrous violin. Curiosity awakened, she moved towards the sound.

On the outdoor stage was a person with green hair playing the piano, and a girl with black, wavy hair was playing a flute. Her music was exceptionally lovely, and it was obvious that she was very, very gifted. When they played, nothing else mattered, and it made you want to concentrate on just listening to the beauty wash over you.

Usagi moved closer, drawn to the music but not realizing where she was going. Suddenly, she tripped down a flight of stairs that led down to the stage. Fortunately, for her, she was used to falling, and she was also lucky that the steps were wide, not sharp and small.

"Oh!" the girl on the stage exclaimed, having stopped playing.

"Odango atama!" someone else said urgently, shaking her shoulder gently. "Are you okay?"

Usagi blinked, feeling pretty ditzy, um dizzy. She glanced at the boy kneeling down next to her, and she forgot all about her pain, suddenly in love.

The boy was uncommonly pretty, with short green hair that was long in the bang area. The bangs fell partially over his green eyes, which right now were concerned.

"I'm sorry!" Usagi cried out quickly, getting up, snapping back into reality. "I didn't mean to ruin your practice!"

The boy laughed, picking up her school folder for her, and standing up. He was very tall, about the same height as Haruka, and he wore an unfamiliar male school uniform. It consisted of a white polo shirt, covered with a goldish-brown jacket. He wore goldish-brown pants as well. "It's ok," he said. "It's not everyday that a girl so cute falls at my feet."

Usagi blushed.

"Araki..." A gorgeous girl with wavy black hair whose bangs were fastened to the side by a golden clip came up to them. She wore a sailor type uniform, except the collar, bow in front, and skirt were solid gold brown. Her golden eyes were narrowed. "Stop teasing her!"

Araki grinned. "Sorry, Tanrei," he said to the singer. He gave Usagi a charming smile. "Sorry, odango. I can't help myself when I see such pretty girls as yourself."

Tanrei sighed, shaking her head in mock exasperation. She turned her attention back towards the younger girl. "Are you all right, miss?" she asked kindly.

"Yes!" Usagi said automatically, thinking that both of them were very wonderful.

Tanrei smiled faintly. The odango atama _was_ very cute. "You go to Juuban High School, ne?" she asked, noting Usagi's school uniform.

Usagi nodded. "I'm Tsukino Usagi, first year."

"Usagi?" Araki interjected. "How cute!"

Tanrei pointedly ignored Araki and his talk about cuteness. "I'm Kinzoku Tanrei [elegant metal], and this is Araki Kei [strong wood]. We go to Gogyu Gakuen Academy, second year."

"Really?" Usagi gasped, now suitably impressed. Gogyu Gakuen was the new school that was built over Mugen Gakuen, the school that had been destroyed the year before. It was extremely high tech, had over 30 stories, and it was basically a school for the rich, bordering on the fine line between public and private schools.

"Yup," Araki agreed.

"Usagi!" a voice called out.

The three turned to see Haruka and Michiru standing at the top of the steps. Haruka was regarding Tanrei and Araki with suspicious interest.

"Haruka-san! Michiru-san!" Usagi said, going to them as they walked slowly down the steps.

"Usagi, are you all right?" Michiru asked worriedly. "We saw what happened."

"I'm fine," Usagi said happily. She glanced at the other two with hearts in her eyes.

"Konnichi wa," Michiru said to the two students politely when she had stopped in front of them. She paused, studying them. It had been a minor shock looking at them. It was so- coincidental. Like staring back at themselves.

The black haired girl looked very much like herself, same sort of hair, though worn differently; she had the same type of features, though more pronounced. She also carried herself in a similar way that Michiru did. Though their hair was different, the boy looked like Haruka feature wise, and they were about the same height.

The two students and Haruka were apparently thinking the same things, the boy and girl watching them thoughtfully.

"Michiru-san, Haruka-san," Usagi said, oblivious to the exchanged look overs, "these are my new friends, Kinzoku Tanrei and Araki Kei. Tanrei-san, Araki-san, these are Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru."

"Araki?" Haruka said, raising her left eyebrow. "I thought that your name was Kei."

Araki shrugged, a sudden breeze lifting her green bangs to reveal slightly narrow green eyes fringed with long lashes... Too long for a boy... "I don't like being called Kei. People mistaken me for a boy too often."

Usagi, Haruka, and Michiru sweat dropped. Araki was a girl?!

"Uh, really?" Usagi said, flushing slightly, looking down, horrified that she had done the same exact thing with Araki that she had done with Haruka a year before. "Why would they do that?"

"Who knows?" Tanrei smirked. "It happens quite often, ne, Araki?"

"Yeah, it does," Araki agreed, waving her hand in the air, giving the others the impression that it really didn't bother her.

Michiru smothered a laugh as she glanced at Usagi. Usagi was obviously in hero worship for the both of them, staring at them with such apparent admiration that Tanrei and Araki blushed, laughing nervously... Not that anyone could blame her.

"Did we interrupt your practice, Tanrei-san?" Michiru said.

The dark haired girl shook her head. "Not really. I was just warming up for my concert next week."

"Concert?" Haruka asked, interest piqued now.

"Yeah," Araki said. "It's at the Crystal Theater Center... Have you heard about it?"

"Heard about it? We're in it," the blond answered, smiling. "So you're the duo that we've heard about."

"I was going to say the same thing," Araki murmured.

"Araki-san and Tanrei-san go to Gogyu Gakuen Academy," Usagi said, seeing Haruka staring at Araki's male uniform enviously. Haruka still was not comfortable walking around in a female uniform, though she had no problem wearing a normal dress.

"Ara, really?" Michiru said casually, shooting a quick glance at Haruka, whose eyes narrowed at the name. "We went to the school that it was built over..."

"You mean Mugen Gakuen?" Araki said, her voice a little too urgent. Tanrei gave her a pointed look, and she controlled her apparent excitement. "I heard it was a great school."

"It was..." Haruka said evenly. "It's too bad it was destroyed during that... odd occurrence with the Death Busters."

Usagi glanced at her, noting her distance from the subject, preferring not to give how much she _really_ knew away.

"Yes, it's really a shame," Tanrei echoed, staring at Haruka with an odd, guarded expression on her face.

"The Sailor Senshi saved all the students, isn't that right?" Araki asked casually, sitting down on the stage, but staring at them intensely.

"Yes," Usagi confirmed, noticing the odd tension now and not liking it or understanding it. "They did."

"They did," Haruka repeated, studying Tanrei's and Araki's strange, urgent nonchalance. No one said anything for several minutes after that.

"Well..." Michiru finally said, attempting a lighter voice, "we must be going, ne, Haruka?"

"Oh, yeah," her partner added, glancing at her quickly. "We were supposed to meet Hotaru-chan and Setsuna at the cafe..." She looked at her watch, a horrified expression washing across her face. "Shimatta! Five minutes ago!"

"We're terribly sorry," Tanrei said sweetly, "for keeping you here. We should

have realized that you were busy. Today is, after all, a Friday." "It's ok," Haruka said, smiling. She and Michiru turned and started to walk away as she called, "See you around."

"See you," Araki said, waving slightly. She gave the young blind girl a teasing grin. "Ja, odango."

"Bye, Araki-san, Tanrei-san," Usagi said cheerfully before running after her two older friends.

She caught up to them, and they made some small talk until they had to part. Usagi bounced on ahead towards Rei's temple, the other two towards the cafe.

"So... they go to Gogyu Gakuen," Michiru said softly, pushing her hair out of her eyes once Usagi was gone.

"That's where the new energy is surging up," Haruka added.

"We should watch them. Who knows what new enemy has arrived..."

"Any luck?" the figure emersed in shadows said. It was late, around 11 at night, and they were at the Tokyo Tower.

"No..." The other was silent for a moment. "Not yet... No one there exhibited any unusual auras..."

"I think we had better start searching for the Wakusei Crystals*," the first said delicately.

The second nodded. "Yes... There's no time to waste. Sooner or later the Destructor will attempt to fulfill the prophecy... and we must find the Celestial Crystal before it's too late."

The first one leaned against the railing, sighing. "We really have no option in this, do we?"

"No... The Sailor Senshi are the destroyers of our planet... One of them must possess the Celestial Crystal, and they must be killed before the heavens reign down upon us... "

*'Wakusei' means planet.

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