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Senshi Kurai
Part 8: Time and Death
Jackie Chiang

Quick Copyright notes: This is a fanfic based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, an anime/manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. Characters belong to her and all others associated with rights [Toei, Bandai, Kodansha, etc], but the storyline, ideas, and any other characters are created by me. 1997 - Jackie Chiang

"Setsuna-san," Hotaru said, looking at the older girl as they walked down the street, "what's wrong? You usually love shopping so much..."

"I'm just thinking," Setsuna said. Even after going through seven stores and buying four bags of clothes, she was still not fully into her shopping mood. "What else?" Setsuna said rhetorically. "I have this feeling that we're being watched." She shifted her heavy bags.

"We are," Hotaru said casually.

Setsuna blinked at Hotaru. "Pardon?"

"We are being watched," Hotaru repeated, not noticing that Setsuna had stopped walking. "For the last three stores. No doubt by the Senshi Kurai."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Setsuna asked, catching up with the younger girl, not bothering to ask how she knew. Hotaru had developed a strange number of abilities, and this was probably just one of them.

Hotaru shrugged. "It wouldn't have helped if I had said anything. They would have immediately attacked, and if they don't know that I know they're there, I have more time to think."

"That is true," the green haired girl said thoughtfully. "I wonder which ones are after us this time?"

"We're being watched," Michiru whispered to Haruka, looking at her mirror in her right hand. Her left hand held her two new outfits and a complete line of makeup products, including three shades of lipstick, two shades of blush, and other stuff that the author doesn't know of.

"I know," Haruka answered back, pausing in front of a men's clothing store, interested. She pointed to one of the suits, a dark black. "I should buy that. They're attempting to make some new conquests."

"Yes, it suits you," Michiru said, looking at her partner, not bothered by the switching of subjects. "Should be fun."

"We've given them enough time," Cronus said, twirling her Destruction Spear in her hand. She floated above the clouds, watching Aurora and Helios silently follow the Senshi.

"Yes," Hades answered, her dark red eyes transfixed on the girls, "they should have realized that they are being watched by now."

"Perhaps as soon as Aurora and Helios started."

"Of course."

Cronus paused, thinking. "Saturn is extremely dangerous and powerful."

A nod of the other's head. "As is Pluto."

"The two most powerful Sailor Senshi," Cronus observed.

"Well," Hades said, tapping her staff lightly to the clouds, "there they go."

"Should be fun."

"Ahhh!" people on the street screamed as they rushed past the Senshi.

"What the-?" Mamoru turned around.

"The Senshi Kurai," the Outer Senshi said at the same time. They smiled briefly at each other, and turned to see the street empty and two people dressed in gold.

"It's about time," Haruka murmured. "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Pluto Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Saturn Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Moon Crisis Make-Up!"

The girls landed after a short henshin sequence while Mamoru went to wherever he went to change.

"About time," Aurora said, glancing bored at the Sailor Senshi. "We were tired of waiting."

"We're so sorry to inconvenience you," Uranus answered caustically. She took out her Space Sword.

"I won't forgive you for taking away my friends," Sailor Moon said, striking a pose. "I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Helios snorted. "Don't you get tired of saying that all the time?"

Sailor Moon sweat dropped, as did the girls around her.

"Dead Scream," Pluto whispered, sending out a ball of energy at Helios. He lept out of its path and watched it crash into a tree.

"Space Sword Blaster!" Uranus shouted, slashing her sword in the air and sending out sharp blades towards Aurora. One of them tore her golden dress, and another barely scarred her face.

"Why you-" Aurora sneered angrily, wiping the blood of her face. "Solar Winds!" A strong, hot gush of air rushed towards Uranus and Tuxedo Kamen, who had just arrived, and they fell down, but weren't out of the fight.

"Burning Sunspot!" Helios hollered, and a dark black energy mass sped and hit Neptune and Sailor Moon down.

"Saturn Silence Shot!" Saturn pointed her Silence Glaive at Helios and purple light shot out. The beam struck him down, and then the second phase kicked in, now that nothing else was in the way. Helios started screaming as he saw his body decay into well, decayed matter, and was soon no more. Saturn averted her eyes, but it had to be done.

Aurora got a notion that one against six, especially Saturn, wasn't fun, so she turned to run. She screamed as two figures appeared in front of her. "Cronus! Hades! Thank Jove you're here!" she gasped, relieved.

Cronus regarded Aurora coolly. "You were running away," she said, her voice deceptively calm.

"We have no use for cowards," Hades added, her red eyes flashing. She pointed her Death Staff at the confused Aurora. "Death Shriek!" A black ball flew out from its tip and instantly killed the girl.

The Sailor Senshi were stunned by their coldness, their icy brutality.

"How could you just kill her?" Sailor Moon gasped, horrified.

Hades smiled harshly at the leader of the Sailor Senshi. "Easily. Our mission is too important to have it messed up by traitors to our cause."

"Saturn, Pluto," Cronus said with remarkable control and calmness, "we have come for you."

"Don't even think about it," Saturn murmured dangerously, holding out her Silence Glaive in front of her, its blade pointed towards her twin.

Cronus smiled eerily, pointing her Destruction Spear back at Saturn. "We are evenly matched, sister," she answered.

"As are we, Pluto," Hades remarked, staring at her twin, so identical in features. Hard to believe she could be so evil, Hades thought, her smile twisting ironically.

Hard to believe she could be so evil, Pluto thought. My own sister.

"You're not going to take us without a fight," Neptune said, her Deep Aqua Mirror in her right hand.

"This is going to be interesting," Cronus said dryly, and she lifted up her spear. "Destruction Spear Shock!" A wave of purple energy rushed towards the Sailor Senshi. It knocked the already weak Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen down, and they did not move.

"Space Sword Blaster!" Uranus shouted, sending the sharp blades towards Cronus. Cronus easily blocked it with her Destruction Spear.

"What-?" Uranus was angrily amazed.

"Shouldn't interfere, Uranus," Cronus said, smiling. "Wait your turn..." Cronus spun her spear around and slashed at Uranus's body, causing the girl to collapse onto the ground.

"URANUS!" Neptune screamed. She whirled around to see Cronus laughing.

"Saturn Silence Shot!" Saturn shouted at Cronus. The energy ball knocked into the unprepared girl. However, Cronus was too powerful to have the second stage come into play.

"Dead Scream," Pluto whispered, and the pink ball of power smashed into Hades.

At the same time, Hades had done her Death Shriek, and that collided into Pluto. Both girls fell down, but immediately got back up.

"Submarine Reflection!" Neptune shouted, her anger overtaking her. The beams of light were large and fast, and they sent Cronus flying back into the side of a building wall.

"Cronus!" Hades yelled. She glared menacingly at her three enemies. "Enough of this child's play."

"My sentiments exactly," Saturn replied, twirling her Silence Glaive which stopped a few centimeters from Hades's throat.

"Chronos Sleep!" Pluto shouted, and the black mist caused Hades to nearly pass out, but she resisted.

"Cronus Tranquillity Slash!" An onslaught on sharp blades crashed into Neptune and she fell.

"Now this is truly a sisterly fight, eh, Saturn-chan?" Cronus sweetly mocked. She hardly sounded as if she hadn't just been thrown into a wall, but she looked like it.

Saturn wasn't much better off, but she held the advantage. "Right," Saturn whispered. "And I'm not letting you go... Silence Glaive Apply!"

The Senshi of Death struck her glaive to the ground, and a beam of light radiated outwards. Silence filled the air as the surrounding vicinity started to crumble and shake and headed towards her sister.

"Destruction Spear Utilization!" The loudness of the attack filled the silence, and light violet light spewed from her spear.

The two attacks collapsed into one another, causing a tremendous explosion. Both girls tried to stand their positions, and both were swept away, each crashing into the ground. Neither one moved.

"Chronos Typhoon!" The Garnet Orb was swept off the Time Staff, and bright light radiated from it, swiftly attacking Hades.

"Don't!" Sailor Moon screamed. The four looked at her surprised, not realizing that she and the others had recovered. She ran in front of Hades and took the attack for her.

"Sailor Moon!" the Sailor Senshi shouted. Tuxedo Kamen ran to her side, lifting her into his arms.

Hades and Cronus were stunned.

"Why did you do that?!" Hades hollered angrily, unsure of why she was so upset. "Why are you protecting me? We're enemies!"

"You fool!" Cronus shouted, her instincts taking over. "Why are you risking yourself for us! You're the Princess! It's our job to protect you!"

"Nani?" Uranus said. She glanced at the others to see that they were equally confused and shaken by what the Senshi Kurai were saying.

The black signs of Saturn and Pluto appeared on the two's respective foreheads and they floated off the ground. The others watched.

"Remember..." A voice on the wind.

The black signs shattered, and a light flooded the area. The others shielded their eyes and when they opened them, Hades and Cronus stood, refreshed in front of them. Their fuku were the same, except their circlets had been replaced by the standard tiaras, and their protective pads changed into the same as the regular Sailor Senshi. In the center of their bows were hearts. Most noticeable of all was the fact that the signs on their fuku were no longer black, but Hades's were gray and Cronus's were purple.

"What is going on?" Neptune whispered.

"In place of the magic from the planet in control of time, I am Sailor Hades!" Hades announced loudly, striking the ground with the bottom of her newly reformed Chronos Staff.

"In place of the magic from the planet of silence, I am Sailor Cronus!" Cronus shouted, twirling around her Tranquillity Spear.

"The Magic Senshi have arrived!"

*Note: I obviously changed the name of Hade's and Cronus's items. If you have a problem with that, tough, deal with it.

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