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Senshi Kurai
Part 9: Troubled Waters
Jackie Chiang

Quick Copyright notes: This is a fanfic based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, an anime/manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. Characters belong to her and all others associated with rights [Toei, Bandai, Kodansha, etc], but the storyline, ideas, and any other characters are created by me. 1997 - Jackie Chiang

"Traitors," Cynthia snapped.

"They left us for the enemies," Aphrodite added angrily.

"They must be killed," Hecate said without feeling, looking at the others with eyes of ice. The Senshi Kurai were discussing Cronus and Hades in the throne room.

Poseidon looked startled. She was very, very confused inside. Why did Cronus and Hades leave us? They are my friends, but I must kill them. I don't understand... Why am I so uncertain? They are the enemies now, and I must kill them... But I don't want to...

"Poseidon," Sunaru murmured, "we must not let our past friendship stand in the way of killing them. They are traitors. Against our cause. They must be eliminated."

"Hai," Poseidon answered quietly, looking down.

"What?" Ares said sarcastically. "Having doubts? Our best magician is questioning our Princess's orders?"

"Shut up, Ares!" Hermes snapped. "Poseidon would never do that!"

Poseidon nodded slowly. "I'll be planning the next attack," she murmured softly, disappearing.

The room was silent.

"She's taking this too personally," Sunaru finally said, unsure herself, but not willing to show it. "I'll talk to her." She vanished after her partner.


Eris appeared. "Yes, Hecate?"

Hecate frowned thoughtfully, tapping her pointer fingers together. "I want you to watch Poseidon and Sunaru. I don't want them getting soft on me."


"Shi Shizuka (silent death)," Cronus said thoughtfully. "It fits."

Hades looked at her amused. "Isn't it too repetitious sounding?"

"Well, I like it," Shizuka said, shrugging. "And I don't make fun of your name, Jikanno Nintai (patience of time), either." She ran her fingers through her long purple hair.

Nintai scowled as she sipped her tea.

Michiru and Hotaru laughed quietly. They were in the Crown Fruit Parlor, deciding on names for Cronus and Hades. After the aftershock, Cronus and Hades had carefully explained everything that they knew about what had happened.

"So Beryl did influence you," Setsuna said, glancing at her mirror image. Nintai looked exactly like herself, except for the hair style. Nintai preferred to keep part of her long green hair tied into a ponytail which fell down into the rest of the hair which was not tied up. She somehow managed this feat and still kept her bangs. Nintai had the same taste in clothing, which was fashionable while conservative.

"Hai," Shizuka agreed. While Hotaru had short purple-black hair, Shizuka's was longer and fell midway down her back. "I don't remember how she did it exactly. One minute she was very sympathetic and kind, the next I was staring into her eyes and had my change of personality."

"Where are our friends?" Mamoru asked, glancing at the two Magic Senshi.

Nintai frowned slightly. "They are in a cell in our castle..."

"Where is that?" Usagi said.

"In the nether regions of time and space," Shizuka murmured. "Almost totally inaccessible to us now."

"They know by now that we have switched sides," Nintai said. "If we had two of the others here, I am sure we could reach the castle."

"Preferably Poseidon and Sunaru," Shizuka sighed.

"But they wouldn't change sides so easily," Haruka commented. "They probably consider you traitors."

"Hai," Nintai acknowledged. Her dark red eyes were filled with worry. "They really were our friends. We were so close to each other..."

"They will most likely go after you two next," Shizuka said, looking pointedly at Haruka and Michiru. "We will do our best to prevent anything from happening."

"We trust you," Usagi said gently, and the two girls smiled.

"Aiya," Ares said, glancing at her hair. "My hair is all messed up!"

Zeus shot her a murderous look. "There are more important things to worry about, Princess," she said, using that snotty sarcasm voice for Princess.

"Like what?" Ares snapped back.

Hermes squirmed impatiently, and Aphrodite was close to her breaking point. Cynthia rolled her eyes, and Phoebe yawned. Hecate was quiet, unusually so.

Zeus and Ares continued to bicker, like children.

"Shut up." Hecate's command was controlled and soft, her anger apparent. The room became silent. Everyone stared at her.

"Hecate?" Cynthia asked softly. Though she rarely showed concern, the cat cared deeply for the princess.

Hecate rubbed her temples slowly. "Gomen, minna-chan. I need to rest for a while. Good night."

The rest of them watched as she left the room into her own chamber.

"This has really shaken her," Hermes murmured, glancing around at the others. They nodded.

In her room, Hecate revealed her secret door that no one else knew about. Walking inside, she shut the door and it vanished. Kneeling down, she murmured:

"Oh, great Metallia, tell me what to do."

The black mass laughed evilly, rising up into the form of a dark haired woman. "Be patient, Hecate. Everything will fall into place..."

"Why are you doing this?" Mercury asked pleadingly towards Terra... no Gaia. Gaia, who was guarding them from outside the cell, looked surprised by the question.

"Because you are the enemy," she said, as if reciting a passage from a book. Exact and toneless.

"But why?" Mars prodded. "How are you connected to all of this?'

"Connected?" Gaia's face was blank, slowly registering confusion. "I'm, I'm... I don't know..."

"Shut up, Sailor Senshi." Aphrodite's snap was cold and commanding. "Don't listen to them. They're trying to trick you."

Gaia nodded. "Oh, of course. Gomen."

Aphrodite nodded. "Remember, they'll do whatever it takes to get what they want."

"That's not true!" Jupiter shouted.

"Isn't it." She turned and walked away.

Gaia watched her leave, still unsure. Why was she here?

Poseidon played the remaining stings of her viola before setting it down. Sunaru watched her, expressionless, as she finished with the accompanying piano.

"Beautiful, as usual." The comment was not sarcastic, simply stating a fact. Poseidon shrugged.

"The plan is all set?" she said, tuning her viola.


"We are ready."

"We attack tomorrow. And we attack to kill."

"Then Cronus and Hades will come back to us."

Sunaru made no reply. Poseidon eyed her partner carefully while considering her own words. They had to come back. She didn't want to kill them too but...

"Poseidon," Sunaru whispered softly, "we attack to kill."

Poseidon looked away, understanding Sunaru's message. If they did not come back, they must be destroyed.

Michiru paused, glancing to her left out the window. That music... Very beautiful. A stringed instrument, but not a violin. Haruka heard it as well as she sipped her tea.


"I know." Michiru rested her head on her hands. "I wonder who is playing such a lovely piece of music?"

Haruka nodded. "Let's go see, shall we?"

Michiru smiled gently. They stood up and left the cafe. Following the strains of music, they walked along until they reached an open area, the same place where Usagi had first heard Michiru playing. On the stage facing them was a girl with wavy, dark blue hair. Haruka could see a person sitting in the front row with blond hair, but she could not determine who it was from this distance.

"Deja vu," Michiru murmured, thinking about that time when Usagi had come across them discussing the Talismans.

Haruka agreed. They slowly walked closer to the front. As they got nearer, a sense of dread grew inside. They stopped a few rows away from the girl and the other person.

The other had unruly blond hair that shifted in the breeze. It looked male, as it was wearing a male uniform of Juuban High School. He was tossing an object in his hand. The girl on the stage continued to play the viola (for Michiru recognized it instantly), her head bent, her eyes closed. Her wavy blue hair blew around her face, obscuring the Outer Senshi's view of her features. She wore a small ribbon in the back of her head (like Michiru does in the manga).

Haruka was glaring at the girl. "Something about her..." she muttered softly so that only Michiru could hear her.

"Hai. And that boy. I sense a strange energy from both of them," Michiru answered.

The girl stopped playing abruptly, dropping the arm holding the viola by her side, her other one moving the hair out of her face. Michiru gasped.

"Welcome, Sailor Neptune," she said, staring into her mirror reflection.

The boy stood up and turned around, throwing the rock at Haruka's feet. He revealed that he was actually a she. "Likewise, Sailor Uranus."

"Senshi Kurai!" Haruka snarled, not moving from her position. She took out her henshin stick. Michiru did the same.

The girl laughed, snapping her fingers. Her school uniform disappeared to reveal the Senshi Kurai fuku. The blond girl tore off her uniform, and underneath was her uniform.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves, Uranus and Neptune," the blue hair girl murmured. "I am Poseidon and this is Sunaru. You know why we have come."

"Hai," Haruka acknowledged. "Uranus Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

They transformed in a matter of seconds and landed in front of their twins. Poseidon and Sunaru had watched them expectantly, as if they had wanted them to transform.

"Ja, Neptune," Poseidon said, flipping over the girl. As she landed, a trident materialized in her hand. "Poseidon Tsunami Crash!" A huge wave of water from out of nowhere hit Neptune in the back. She fell but quickly got back up.

"Neptune!" Uranus shouted. She glared at Sunaru, and her Talisman appeared in her hand. "Space Sword Blaster!"

Sunaru avoided all of the blasts, then taking out her own sword, which was longer and thinner, and yelling, "Sunaru Heaven Fall!" Bits of rock fell from the sky, and Uranus deftly missed them.

"Submarine Reflection!" Neptune hollered, and the streams of light flew towards Poseidon. Poseidon avoided all but the last two, which hit her in the chest and the stomach.

"Deep Submerge!" The energy ball moved towards Poseidon at an alarmingly fast rate, but she dodged it. Leaping up, she lunged towards Neptune, her trident pointed towards her.

Meanwhile, Sunaru and Uranus both realized that the only way one could win was by true swordplay rather than their other powers. Sunaru slashed at Uranus, but the other parried blow for blow. Uranus suddenly tripped on a stone and fell. Sunaru laughed mockingly, her sword prepared to kill.

Twin roses flew through the air. Poseidon clutched her hand, dropping the trident, and Sunaru let her sword clatter to the ground.

"Tuxedo Kamen," Poseidon said, not looking to see who had thrown them.

"You who try to kill my friends, I won't forgive you! I am the pretty sailor suited soldier, Sailor Moon. In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Super Sailor Moon struck a pose.

"Sailor Moon, good of you to finally arrive," the blue haired enemy said, turning to look at her. She froze. Beside her were Saturn, Pluto, Hades and Cronus. So the rumors had been true. Hades and Cronus looked different, and the eyes that looked upon their sisters were not full of hatred...

"Poseidon," Sunaru whispered warningly. "Be careful. They are not on our side anymore."

"Hai. They've been corrupted."

Sunaru closed her eyes, and a bubble appeared around Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon, and the Outer Senshi.

"Nani?" Saturn shouted.

"World Shaking!" Uranus screamed, aiming the energy at Sunaru. Sunari, unprepared, was knocked down, losing her concentration. The bubble wavered and was about to pop.

The bubble was suddenly surrounded by a blue light, and it re-energized. Poseidon completed it in time to partially miss being hit by Neptune's Deep Submerge.

"Go away!" Poseidon screamed, throwing a wave at Neptune. Neptune was shoved across the aisle into the stage. "Now I'll finish you once and for all! Poseidon Tsunamic Wave!"

"No!" Cronus shrieked, throwing herself in front of Neptune.

"CRONUS!" Poseidon shouted, watching in horror as her friend took the brunt of the attack. She sank to her knees, staring blankly as Cronus moaned in pain. The others in the bubble screamed out Cronus's as well.

"Poseidon!" Sunaru's voice was harsh but tinged with confusion and horror. "Get up! We have to stop them!"

Poseidon shook her head. "Sunaru, I can't... I hurt Cronus..." Tears appeared in her eyes as she went to Cronus.

Sunaru scowled, picking up her sword again, and diving for Uranus who was still on the ground. She thrust her sword down... and into Hades's side, who had protected Uranus. Sunaru, horrified, drew the sword out and dropped it.

She knelt down next to Hades. "Gomen," she whispered, cradling the girl. "I didn't mean to hurt you... Why didn't you let me kill her?"

Hades smiled, slightly. "Because," she murmured, breathing slowly, "we've all been deceived... This isn't supposed to be..."

Sunaru nodded slowly. "Gomen," she repeated, starting to cry. "I'm so very sorry..."

Gently, music seemed to play. The bubble popped, and the four occupants landed on their feet, except for Sailor Moon, who landed on her butt (as usual). A breeze wafted by, bringing leaves to circle a dark haired girl in white. She wore a long, concealing dress, with a hood over her head. Black ringlets floated out, but that was all. Raising her hand, a beam of light flew from it to heal Hades and Cronus. Then it proceeded to capture Poseidon and Sunaru.

The others watched in awe as they seemed to be in a dream like state. They floated into the sky, and their fuku disappeared into ribbons around their bodies. Their backs were to each other, and each's hands were clasped in prayer.

"Please," Poseidon murmured, "let us be free again..." A bright blue Neptune sign appeared on her forehead.

"Let us live again in peace," Sunaru whispered. The yellow sign of Uranus glowed on her forehead.

Bright light splashed upwards, and the ribbons turned into new, different Sailor fuku. For an instant, only white light could be seen and nothing more.

When the others managed to refocus, standing there were Poseidon and Sunaru, smiling arrogantly. The girl had vanished.

"In place of the magic of the planet with crashing waves and tides, I am the graceful Sailor Poseidon!" Poseidon announced, holding her Tsunami Trident.

Sunaru threw her Heaven Sword into the air and caught it without looking up at it. "And in place of the magic of the planet where the heavens rumble and shake, I am the majestic Sailor Sunaru!"

Together they said: "We are the two new Magic Senshi!"

The others gaped in amazement, watching the girls with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

"Traitors!" a voice screamed from behind them. Sunaru and Poseidon turned to see an enraged Eris rushing towards them with a sword.

"Sunaru Heaven Fall!" Sunaru shouted, rocks and things falling from the sky on top of Eris.

"Poseidon Tsunamic Wave!" Poseidon let the wave hit the red haired commander.

Eris appeared to glow for a second before disappearing into dust. The particles flew away in the disappearing breeze.

"Poseidon!" Cronus shouted, running towards the girl. Poseidon opened her arms, and the two girls embraced, laughing. The others watched, surprisingly contented expressions on their faces.

"Help me..."

Gaia moaned, her mind reeling. Groaning, she clutched her head. "Get out of my head... Stop... Leave me alone..."

"Please... Help me..." the voice was faint, a whisper in the wind.

"Get out of my head! Leave me alone!" Gaia repeated frantically, pounding her hand against the wall. Not again...

"Help..." the voice was silent once again.

Gaia, breathing harshly, controlled herself, and realizing that she had broken the mirror in front of her. The bits of glass cut her skin, and she watched streams of blood run down her hand.

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