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Senshi Kurai
Part 13: "From Out of the Past- The Truth behind Terra-chan and everyone else" [Part B]
Jackie Chiang

Quick Copyright notes: This is a fanfic based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, an anime/manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. Characters belong to her and all others associated with rights [Toei, Bandai, Kodansha, etc], but the storyline, ideas, and any other characters are created by me. 1997 - Jackie Chiang

The Senshi, the cats, and Endymion all stared in odd confusion as the figures revealed were the girl in the white robe, Sailor Earth, a cute young girl of about 8, and a hazy figure with Terra's face.

"What's happening?" Ares asked.

The girl in the robe lifted up her staff, healing the senshi, the cats, and the prince (not Chikyuu:P) Poseidon immediately got up, and she dissolved her spell around the cell. The cell disappeared, revealing the Inner Senshi lying on the ground.

"Mercury! Mars! Jupiter! Venus!" the senshi said, running to them.

The robed girl then waved her hand, and the four girls awoke.

"Nani?" Mercury muttered groggily. Suddenly her eyes widened. "Sailor Moon?"

"Pluto! Saturn! Artemis!" Mars said.

"Neptune! Luna! Uranus!" Jupiter exclaimed.

"The Senshi Kurai!" Venus said darkly, standing up.

"Wait," Neptune said, standing in front of the Senshi Kurai and the Magic Senshi. "They aren't brainwashed any longer. They helped us free you."

"We are the Outer Magic Senshi," Cronus said.

"I am a Sailor Senshi," Sun replied.

"Magic Senshi?" Mercury echoed, and after looking at Sun asked: "And who are you?"

Earth smiled, speaking, drawing everyone's attention. "That's a very good question, Mercury."

"Earth..." Luna said, "what is happening? Who are you four? Are you Terra?"

The girl in the robe laughed softly. Pulling off her hood, she smiled as the senshi looked at her in even more confusion.


The girl shook her head, her dark black hair long in back, and more wavy near the bangs and front. Her eyes confirmed what she said; though they had the same kindness, there was a different air of maturity about her. "No, I am Terra's past self, Princess Athena of Earth, triplet sister to Prince Endymion and Prince Chikyuu."

"You're the one who has been helping us..." Cronus said slowly. "You gave us back our memories."

Athena smiled. "Yes. My magical talents are powerful, and I used them to help you see the truth."

"You have already guessed by now that I am another form of Terra, her Sailor Senshi form," Earth said, removing her white mask, smiling. Her Crystal Rose floated in front of her. "I am not really Terra though... I am only a part of her."

The little girl, very kawaii, grinned hopping forward. "I'm Terra's younger self, when she was happy with the Yukiru family. I am here as a memory of what she once had, and what she always wants to have again." Her age was deceptive; she very clearly understood the situation with maturity, though naturally she was childish.

"And I am Terra's memory," the last, hazy figure said. "Suppressed when she was reincarnated, I have been trying for all these years to get her to remember who she really was..."

The senshi were still apparently flabbergasted.

"There are a million questions..." Mars said finally, looking at Earth. "How can you be Endymion's twin if Terra-chan is 16?"

Earth shrugged. "I am 20, Endymion's age, as Sailor Earth."

"Pluto?" Neptune asked. "Is it possible for this sort of thing to occur?"

Pluto pondered for a moment, glancing at her sister, who shrugged. "I don't see why it couldn't happen," she finally said. "It could be possible for Terra-chan to have been reincarnated four years after her brother, the same age as you Inner Senshi are. And, as a sort of compensation, I suppose that when she is Sailor Earth, four years are added to her age. But it's all very odd; I've never come across anything like that in my life."

"Second," Uranus said, "how is it possible for you to be Sailor Earth if Terra-chan was Gaia all this time?"

"And how could you and Athena coexist at the same time?" Saturn added.

"Terra isn't always Gaia," Earth said finally after a moment. "There are times when we could all control her, for a limited amount of time. For instance, when you were generally in trouble, the Gaia part of herself would be put to sleep, in a sense, and from there, I could generally be Sailor Earth in Terra's body. However, once the Gaia side of her awoke, I was forced to quickly return to a part of her subconscious."

"And, as I am not really Terra, I am not a part of her," Athena explained. "I am a psychological projection of her, as a result of her suppressed memories, though I have separate physical and mental capabilities."

"Sort of like Mamoru-san was Tsukikage no knight, ne?" Venus said.

"I suppose so," Athena agreed, glancing at her brother.

"So why were Terra's memories suppressed anyway?" Zeus asked. "Wouldn't she have noticed all these sides of her?"

"Not exactly," Terra's memory said softly. "Earth died a particularly painful death, something that would likely be suppressed by her, a naturally sensitive child. I didn't think it too necessary to revive her memories when she was young; she had to enjoy her youth after all. But I didn't count on Terra's parents dying twice... Once I did try to get her to remember, I discovered that it was going to be a hard task. Terra is rich, very rich, as you know. This sparks jealously by her peers, and Terra wasn't very popular. After emotionally going through four parents' deaths, Terra was shy, timid, and very easily scared off. Of course, I'm afraid that I did not help much either."

"Why not?" Endymion asked.

"Terra is very strong willed- if she wants to do something, she will do it without conflict. By this time, she had built a mental barrier around herself, something that even I could not penetrate. Thus, I had to be content with piercing different parts of her barriers at different times. Terra only received these messages once in a while, then quite often, and since she had no knowledge of any of us, the fact that she heard voices caused everyone to think her crazy..."

"...And that would be another reason why she is friendless," Neptune finished, thinking.

"Hai," the memory said. "It would be much easier for you to understand if you see parts of her life..."

"See them?" Jupiter said, startled. "How-?"

Athena waved her hand, and in a moment, they were inside the memories...

[Flashback #1]

"You see that girl over there?" a girl whispered loudly, pointing to the dark haired girl by herself sitting in the corner of the room.

"Yah?" the second girl whispered back, leaning forward.

"Rumor has it that she's crazy."


"Hai. She's so rich, but she's totally messed up. She keeps hearing voices, I heard, and seeing things that aren't here."

"She must be crazy," the second girl answered, staring at the oddity. "We better not hang around with her."

The two girls left the room, as Terra bent her head, tears dripping onto her book.

[end of flashback #1]

[flashback #2]

"Will you come to my house for a Christmas party?" she asked, holding out an invitation, smiling pleadingly. She was her last hope...

The other student flushed nervously, looking down. "I'm sorry, Yukiru-san," she murmured, "but I'm busy... Gomen." She ran off as the bell rang.

Terra stood alone in the yard. The package of invitations fell to the ground, not one having been given away.

[end of flashback #2]

[flashback #3]

"It's ok," she murmured, not looking at the teacher.

"Are you sure, Yukiru-san? You're all right with this parent-child event day?"


"Very well." The teacher left.

Terra fell into her chair, folding her arms onto the desk, crying. Mama, Papa... Where are you?

[end of flashback #3]

[flashback #4]

"Would you like to come to my house today?"

"Sure!" Usagi said cheerfully. The others nodded.

Really? They want to come to my house? Terra was ecstatic.

Don't be so happy... Gaia murmured.

But I am...

[end of flashback #4]

The Senshi, the cats, and Endymion were silent. They could truly understand what was going on now...

"Poor Terra-chan," Saturn murmured, empathizing completely with her.

The others nodded.

"What happens now?" Luna asked. "Will Terra-chan regain her memories completely?"

The four parts of Terra looked at each other.

Solemnly, Earth shook her head. "We don't know... It's totally up to Terra. We have no control over her. It's an internal battle..."

"And what about Chikyuu?" Sailor Moon asked, looking at the unconscious prince. "Is he really your brother, Athena?"

Athena nodded. "Hai, he Endymion, and I are triplets... But... we all thought that he had died on Earth... He went on a trip to another kingdom, and a storm hit while he was gone. He never came back, and there was no word about him. We sent out nearly fifty search parties for him, and Endymion led most of them. Once in a while I was allowed to go, though I wanted to go every time."

"He was Hecate's lover," Earth said, rather flatly. "Somehow he was mistakenly transported to the Moon Kingdom, which was why no one could find him. I don't see how though, unless the Crystal Sword has teleportal capabilities... The Crystal Sword, I should mention, is his magical item. Mine is the Crystal Rose, as Athena it is the Crystal Staff, and Endymion has enough power on his own."

"Hecate's... lover?" Ares choked out, perturbed. "She never told us."

"Of course not," Athena said matter-of-factly. "She was truly in love, knew that Queen Serenity would prohibit such a union, and, quite frankly, she didn't think about how you would feel."

"So Chikyuu thinks that Hecate loved me?" Endymion said.

"Hai," Athena answered. "He's been corrupted by Beryl, and his sense of truth has been twisted. I will make him see the truth when he awakens."

"Look..." Poseidon said finally, "this is all rather interesting and all, but I do think we should save Hecate sometime soon."

"Right," Aphrodite agreed. "Let's go now."

"Wait," Chibi Terra chirped. "You can't go like that."

"Why not?" Hermes demanded, hands on hips.

"First of all," Earth said, smiling sardonically, "Beryl is about 20 times stronger than she was before... Second of all, you'd be much more powerful in your Wakusei* forms..."

"Our WHAT?" every exclaimed.

Earth smile broadened, and pushing her dark hair away from around her neck, she touched a yellow crystal hanging there.

"That wasn't there before," Moon said slowly.

"No, it wasn't..." Cronus put her hand to her throat, discovering the light violet crystal hanging there as well.

The Senshi Kurai, the Magic Senshi, and Sun felt similar crystals hanging around their throats.

"My crystal..." Poseidon murmured dazedly. "I had forgotten..."

"That's right," Chibi Terra said cheerfully. "That's the source of all your power. They just disappeared when you forgot about them, but they were always there. They're the key to your Wakusei forms. Just hold them up and say: 'Your name Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!' Sun, you say, "Sun Wakusei Power, Make-Up!' Well, what are you waiting for? Do it!"

"Hermes Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Ares Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Zeus Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Aphrodite Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Sunaru Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Poseidon Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Hades Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Cronus Crystal Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Sun Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

After a henshin sequence, the Magic Senshi were in their Wakusei forms...

Each had a white body suit, then a solid colored collar with a single white line through it. Around each's shoulders formed colored armor pads (like they originally had). Then their white inner skirt was formed, and on top of it their colored outer one. In the center where her skirt and body suit joined form two thick lines was their individual colored planet symbol [ie Neptune sign, Pluto sign, etc]. Their different shoes were on their feet [ie. boots, heels, whatever]. Their gloves were white, and instead of the three rings, there was only one colored one. Each had a golden tiara with her their colored symbol in the middle. In back, their colored bows with the Super form tails formed. The crystals themselves were in the middle of their bows, covered with another colored planet sign. From their shoulders fell a colored cape, and each held their weapon/item.

Athena looked at the Sailor Senshi. Concentrating, new henshin sticks appeared in front of them, glowing brightly, except for Sailor Moon. Each looked like the Super henshin sticks from before, except this time the orbs were hearts, the handles had stars on them, and they didn't look quite so silly. The Sailor Senshi grabbed them, knowing what to say.

"Mercury Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Mars Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Jupiter Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Venus Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Uranus Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Neptune Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Pluto Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

"Saturn Wakusei Power Make-Up!"

The eight girls transformed.

Each had a fuku similar to their sisters, except instead of the armor shoulder pads, they had two see through, flingy ones. Everything else were exactly like their sisters', except that Venus had the stud earrings, and Aphrodite had dangling heart ones, and the Sailor Senshi had no capes or the exact same weapons/items.

Sailor Moon looked at all the Senshi around her. "What about me?" she asked finally.

Earth smiled, her Crystal Rose glowing. "Do you recall the Seventeen Periats? Let me explain what they do... The Seventeen Periats are the weapons and items of the Moon Kingdom, each guarded by a Senshi. Mine is the Crystal Rose. The others include the Three Talismans, which as you know are the Deep Aqua Mirror held by Neptune, the Space Sword in Uranus's possession, and the Garnet Orb belonging to Pluto; the Silence Glaive held by Saturn; the Mercury Harp; the Mars Arrow; the Venus chain; and the Jupiter Wreath. The Magic Senshi have the other eight: the Hermes Caduceus, the Ares Whip, the Aphrodite Bow, the Zeus Javelin, the Tsunami Trident, the Heaven Sword, the Chronos Staff, and the Tranquillity Spear. Sailor Sun's Solar Katanas are unique and are not really Periats, as her crystal and her Katanas are directly linked; by that I mean that she cannot have her Wakusei form without either one of her objects... These Periats, when their powers are joined together, give you, Sailor Moon, your Wakusei form. Minna, give the power of your Periat to Sailor Moon..."

Everyone did so, and Sailor Moon's eyes closed. Her tiara glowed, taking in the power from each Periphat. Then the tiara disappeared all together, leaving only a golden moon. Her sailor fuku transformed...

Her entire body suit was white, and her skirt and choker were white as well. The front bow was red, and in the center was her new transformation brooch, a golden heart. In back, she had a red bow with long, thick tails. Her transparent shoulder covers remained the same. Her collar was rainbow collared (like her Super form in the manga), and her skirt was double layered, a rainbow layer over a longer white one. The skirt had eleven brightly colored symbols on it, one for each planet, the moon, and the sun. Where the skirt merged with the body suit were two white, thick lines from both sides, and where they met in front was another golden moon. She wore white boots, and they had nothing on them except a crescent moon near the top on each. In her hair, she still had white pins, and her odango covers were still red.

"Yay," Chibi Terra clapped. "You look so pretty. Now, whenever you wanna bust some baddies, take this."

She gave the dazed Sailor Wakusei Moon a bright silver sword. "See? It can slice and dice, and it does lots of other neato stuff." (Kawaii ^^;)

"Go now," Earth said quietly, "before it's too late... Beryl is going to try to take control of this planet again, and you must stop them..."

"Remember, everyone is depending on you," Athena said. "We will remain here until Chikyuu and Terra recover... From there, it is up to them how we shall proceed."

"Ganbatte!" Chibi Terra said cutely.

"Please, let there be a future of happiness for Terra," the memory whispered gently, "and for yourselves..."

The Sailor Wakusei Senshi and the Magic Wakusei Senshi all nodded, and left out the portal that Athena had created.

"I wish you the best of luck," Earth murmured after them. She glanced at Gaia/Terra, who was peacefully unconscious. Reaching down, she stroked the cheek. "Terra... It's all up to you to decide what you want for us... Please make the best choice..."

*: Wakusei means planet in Japanese. No, I don't really care about adjective-noun agreement. If they can have 'Super Sailor Moon' they can have 'Sailor Wakusei Moon.' And yes, I am aware that the sun and the moon are not planets, and the Greek names of the Magic Senshi aren't planets either.

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