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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon Series are characters of my own creation and is under Kohaku Fujinís copyright.

Chapter 4: Hon chikara nai (The power within)

By: Kohaku Fujin

She awoke with a jerk, her face pressed against a cold smooth floor. Uncurling her body from the tight ball she had pulled herself into, she blinked her large blue eyes, trying to grasp her surroundings but could see nothing but inky blackness. Pushing herself into an upright position, she once again scanned the area. She could faintly see a lighter shadowed part of what she sensed was a long hallway. Her memory tingled in remembrance as she slid her hands along the marbled floor, searching for a wall with which to prop herself up.

Her whole body ached with the effort to stand; she finally gave in and leaned closely to the wall, begging her muscles for the strength she would need to move down the corridor. The air smelled musty thick with the oldness of passageless times. Teetering, she slowly moved forward, her hands following the tapestried walls for guidance. Soon she came closer to where she had seen the frail light, and peered out a grand window to a courtyard encased by the building itself. Her eyes roamed the small dead garden and crumbling statues, its familiarity bescheeching her to remember a forgotten past. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear the webs from her foggy mind, she continued down the corridor towards a large double door, flanked by two pillars on either side that resembled spirals of water reaching towards the ceiling in hopes of release. Grasping the handles, she pulled backwards and was rewarded with an earsplitting screech as the doors groaned in displeasure.

Stepping quietly into the room, she clasped her hands to her chest as she gazed about the room in silent wonder. Shelf upon shelf lined the walls, filled to overflowing grandeur of books. Walking up to a case, she attempted to read the covers but found the words rubbed and worn away from the time they had spent sitting there unused. Moving towards the window, her left hand trailed along a row of books, leaving a clean uneven line from where her fingers had brushed off the dust, scattering it like rain to the ground to cover her footprints on the thick colorless carpet.

She stood in front of the libraryís only window; her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She willed herself to wake up; she knew she couldnít be here, that this place no longer exhisted. Exhaling slowly, she opened her eyes to gaze out the window to a star filled sky. She gasped softly as her eyes encountered the earth. Itís blue and green hues filling her eyes with tears.

Raising her right hand, she let her finger tips touch the ornate glass as her vision blurred. Her beautiful world was before her and all she could do was stare in awe at it. A small smile crept onto her lips as her eyes wandered over every inch of detail her earth had to offer her.

Glancing at her hand resting upon the cold glass, she was startled to see her gold-beaded bracelet. Stepping back, she looked down at herself in the earthís soft caressing light. She was wearing her long white dress with the endless ruffles, golden embroidery, and the huge bow tied to perfection on her back. Sliding her hands down her body, she felt the cool silken material beneath her fingers. Her fuku was gone, as was her tiara as she felt her forehead. Peering into the windows reflection, she saw her moon symbol glittering upon her forehead. She loved this gown as did her beloved Mamoru.

She frowned, her thoughts tumbling around, as she looked once more at the earth. Mamoru? Where was he? He was never far from her side, nor her mind. Where are my friends? Panicking, she let her fear escalate until she brought on fresh tears.

How could she be all alone? Were they safe? How did she get here? Why was she here?

Her moon symbol reacted to her distress, filling the room with intense bright white light. Extending her senses, she searched the entire moon for anyone, only to find that she was the only living being on the planet.

Crumpling into a heap of white ruffles, she wept as she wrapped her arms around her shaking body. Even Luna was not there to hush her high pitched wailing as they echoed down the long halls, filling the silent castle with piteous cries. Her thoughts flew through her mind in jumbled heaps, descending on one last picture. A blast of negative electrical energy hitting her, knocking her back. Her beloved Mamoru had not saved her like he always had in the past.

Curling back into a tight ball from which she had awakened, she wept pitifully until her sobs no longer wracked her thin frame. Her eyes drifted shut as she fell into an exhausted slumber, avoiding her fear of solitude for the moment being.

Leaning against a metal guardrail, Allannah stared out across the midnight water searching for an answer to her question, the churning bay reflecting her inner turmoil. Lifting her eyes to the black velvet sky, she smiled at the vast expanse of shining stars. Clasping her hands together, she bowed her head and sent a silent request to a small star in the far distance. The response was immediate and gave Allannah great comfort, knowing that the problem would be well taken care of. Returning her eyes to the bayís water, she watched the mirrored reflection of the stars, twinkle across the silken blanket. Looking further, she thought she could see a image of the princess huddled in white silk but before she could get a better look a bird landed in the water causing the water to ripple and the image faded away. Hang on Usagi, help is coming. Her side still ached from the day before, but the only true pain she felt was from her failure to save the princess from the Lanser demonís attack and the princessís refusal to return to her body. Her soul had withdrawn inward, leaving a motionless form for her friends to despair over. Having found her answer to the question she seeked, she straightened up and was about to leave the waterfront when she heard or rather sensed another presence nearby.

"Whoís there?" Allannah warily looked around trying to locate the person. Spying a figure just behind a nearby tree, she adjusted her body to take on any sudden attacks.

"Relax. Iím not here to harm you," came a low masculine reply as the figure walked out from beneath the tree, his features still cloaked in shadows.


"Yes, just Mamoru will do though," he walked up to her side, facing out towards the water. His face was weary as if he hadnít slept in days, his eyes hooded from the bright moon.

"What are you doing out so late?" Crossing her arms against the sudden chill she turned back towards the water and placed her elbows on the railing.

"I canít sleep. Ami tells me Usako hasnít stirred yet, nor made any movement at all," his tone was worrisome as he hung his head down.

"Donít worry. Usagi will reawaken,"

"You say that as if you knew it was true," he glanced up at her, searching her eyes for some clue to her insight.

"The stars tell me that it is so. You shall see. Just give her time," Gazing up at the sky she watched a star shoot across the sky like a fallen teardrop.

"Make a wish," Mamoru asked, watching the same star fall.

"Why would I make a wish on a fallen dream?" Allannah turned to Mamoru to look at him in confusion.

"What do you mean, fallen dream?" he too turned and stared down at her.

"All the stars in the sky represent peopleís dreams. When a star falls from the sky, it means that they have lost their dream. To make a wish on someone elseís loss would be pointless. Wishes should be made on those stars that shine the brightest not on the ones that will never come to be." she replied in a sad tone, her heart aching for the ones that will never see there dreams come to pass.

"I have never heard it put that way before. People around the world believe in the luck of making wishes on shooting stars," his tone had turned serious as he watched her sorrowful expression.

"Then you all have been mislead. For what I speak is the truth. The stars do not lie. Why else has your wishes never come true when you make a wish on a shooting star. Has no one ever questioned that?

"I suppose because of hope and the belief that it will happen one day," he pondered her answers, wondering why when she spoke that it sounded like the truth as it should be. Watching her, he knew something was different about her but couldnít find the words to describe the difference though he felt it in every inch of his skin. He followed her gaze, to see her smiling at the moon.

"What do you think the moon was like millenniumís ago?" She queried wistfully.

"Hmm...? Filled with laughing people and a beautiful silver castle," his tone was as wistful as hers was. "And a lovely moon princess," realizing what he was saying he coughed in embarrassment. "At least thatís what a legend I read long ago says."

"Really? I wish I were alive then to see it. It must have been enchanting. There are no legends from where I come from, nor any history that we know of," her voice dripped with longing as she stared at the moon wishing for a life rich with pleasant memories.

"Where do you come from?"

"It doesnít matter. The only thing that matters is Usagi." Switching her gaze to Mamoru, she leaned closer. "Your love is an unbreakable bond. Even from where she is, she can return to you. The power is in her, she just has to release it," with that said, she pushed away from the railing, about to leave. Mamoru stared at Allannah deeply. His gaze wandering over her fierce expression.

"Who are you?"

"Again...that is another irrelevant question. Perhaps someday soon you will know, but until then, I am just a friend," with that said, Allannah turned and walked off into the night.

"Princess?" Usagi slowly woke up to the soft whisper that penetrated her groggy mind. Lifting her head up, she looked around the library. Seeing no one with her, she wearily sighed, stretching her cramped muscles. Deciding that the library was no place for her to be, she untangled her legs from the yards of silk that had wrapped themselves about her to stand unsteadily.

"Princess, are you awake?" Came the soft whisper again, although the voice was more urgent.

"Yes. Yes, I am," Usagi cried out in relief. It didnít matter who this person was, good or bad, just as long as she was no longer alone. "Where are you?"

"Follow the lights," the tone was soothing to Usagiís ears.

"What lights?" Usagi frantically looked around the darkened room.

"Here," a bright light shone through the double doors. Usagi rushed to the doors, shoving them open to see that all of the wall lamps to the left were lit. The corridor to the right was still consumed in darkness. Gathering her dress in her shaking hands, she stepped into the hallway, following the flickering lights. The voice did not speak again, but Usagi could feel the presence with her, emitting a soothing, protecting aura around her. Feeling stronger than earlier, she walked faster, twisting and turning threw the inner labyrinth of halls.

Moments later, Usagi found herself standing before the double doors to the Palace's Throne room. Here she stopped, doubts of who was leading her here finally seeping in. Thinking that an enemy would search her out instead of leading her to them, she made her decision. She was about to reach a hand out to one of the doors when both swung silently inward. Seeing no one was there to open the doors she took a hesitant step back, her fear flickering.

"Please Princess, hurry. There isn't much time left," the voice whispered as all the lamp wics behind Usagi died out, leaving wisps of smoke curling down the hall. Afraid Of being alone in the dark again, Usagi turned and walked into the room, her eyes moving straight to her mother's throne where she expected the owner of the voice to be sitting. Instead she found nothing but dust violating her motherís white velvet high backed throne.

A burst of soft purple light, almost on the border of violet, caught the corner Usagiís eye. Turning, she gasped as she encountered a young woman.

"Greetings Princess," the woman spoke, her voice echoing in the large room. Her eyes were a soft shade of violet with bordering rims of royal purple. Waves of ebony hair trailed down her sides and back, reaching out and across the marbled floor. Her glossy black skin shown to perfection against her simple off the shoulder, silver dress that was embroidered with what looked like stardust. But what stood out the most about her unnatural beauty were her wings. They seemed to be made of the finest gossamer, etched in silver lining, fluttering softly every few seconds. The earth light from a nearby curtainless window filtered inside, highlighting the opalescent blues, pinks, and purples of her fairy shaped wings. Her delicate features were half-shadowed, but Usagi could sense that the woman was smiling at her. Stepping forward, she reached out her hand to touch a wing, only to find her fingers passed right though. Snatching her hand back, Usagi looked more intensely at the young woman to see that she could actually see through the woman to what lay behind her.

"Who are you?" Usagi practically screeched.

"I am the Star of Dreams, Princess. I have come to help you at the request of the Star of Justice, but my time is running out. It took a lot of my power to reach your mind."

"My mind?"

The Star of Dreams brought her hand up in a smooth, fluid motion, empathizing the room around them. "Yes. When you were attacked, you retreated deep into your mind, where you felt the safest."

So thatís why Iím in my motherís silver castle. This is where I have always felt the safest before the attack of Queen Beryl. And why no one is here with me... "Why canít I touch you?"

"What you see standing before you is only a projection of me. I can not physically enter your mind. Please Princess enough pointless questions, the time grows short."

"Then you are here to take me out?"

"No. Only you can bring yourself out of this deep slumber. I am only here to help you find the power."

"But I canít! I donít know how."

"Princess the power is inside you, you just need to call it forth."

"Iím telling you I canít! Donít you think I would have already returned if I had the power? Do you think I wish to stay here alone?" Usagi demanded.

The woman shook her head, her wings flickering agitatedly. Her body was slowly becoming more transparent, the protecting aura Usagi had felt earlier was now gone to be replaced with harshness. "My time is gone Princess. You must choose. Remain here in this silent, empty castle or return to your own world. Think. Think of all those who will despair over your unmoving body and think of all the events that will never come to pass if you do not return. What lives will be lost or not created due to your inability to grasp your own power." In a burst of silver dust, the Star of Dreams vanished, leaving a tear-filled Usagi shaking in distress.

"Please... Please donít leave me alone again," Usagi whispered into the darkness. Sinking to her knees, she fought to keep her tears from falling, the young womanís words echoing in her mind. Mamoja, I want to be with you. And all my friends, Rei, Ami, Mina, Mako. Theyíll all need me. As well as our future.

A picture of Crystal Tokyo appeared in Usagiís mind with the Star of Dreams hovering above it, her words repeating. "What lives will be lost or not created." Her image faded to be replaced with one of a young Chibiusa.

"Chibiusa!" Usagi gasped. Chibiusa smiled and vanished along with the picture of Crystal Tokyo. Struggling to her feet, Usagi opened her eyes, not remembering when she had closed them. Perhaps when the images had started. "Chibiusa!" Usagi repeated louder. "If I do not return than Chibiusa will never be born!"

Striding over to the Throne roomís bay window, she looked out at the night sky. Her heart filled with determination as she saw a kaleidoscope of pictures of Chibiusa with open eyes. Keeping her eyes open, she held her hands in front of herself, willing the crystal tO come forth from her body. A splash of white light erupted from Usagiís chest, the droplets forming into the silver crystal.

I will return. Everyone is waiting for me. The future depends on my guiding power.

Using every ounce of energy she had, she dredged up a mental scream that reached out across the palace and around the moon, shaking the entire existence with her silent plea. Every fiber of her being was stretched to the limit, taunt with expectation.

"Moon Crystal Power!" Her sonic cry exploding the bay window before her. Return to yourself Usagi.

The floor opened beneath her, dropping her down into an abyss of blackness. Her body told her she was falling but her mind was to numb to heed its distress. The impact of her mind slamming back into her body was enough for her whole frame to contort into convulsions. The fit only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to send Luna flying from the bed.

Groggy-eyed, Luna picked herself up from the floor to hurriedly return to Usagiís side. Watching for a few moments, she noticed no movements save for the small content smile upon Usagiís lips.

I did it. Came a soft exhausted thought that reached out to Lunaís feline mind and that she heard due to her closeness to Usagi. Iím home.

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