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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon series are characters of my own creation and is under Kohaku Fujinís copyright.

Chapter Six: Rengono Chikara (Alliance of Power)
By: Kohaku Fujin

Silence encompassed the empty park as Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Tuxedo Kamen stared at the still kneeling form of what was originally Allannah, but now looked to be similar to a Sailor Senshi.

Stepping hesitantly forward, Sailor Moon touched her gloved hand to Allannahís bent shoulder.

"Allannah? You are the Star of Justice?"

"Yes Princess that is what I am called or Libra for short."

Frowning, Sailor Moon chewed on her bottom lip, her mind still fuzzy as she tried to comprehend what was being spoken. "You were the one who sent the Star of Dreams to me to help me return?"

"Yes Princess."

"Will you please stop calling me Princess!"

"Of course Prin...ummm...Sailor Moon." Libra promptly corrected herself.

"And why are you still kneeling before me?"

"Because you have not giving me permission to rise yet."

"Well rise for heavenís sake! I do not like having people kneeling before me like they were lower than me or something." Sailor Moon fumed, her arms crossing over one another.

Slowly rising off of her bent knee, Libra brushed off the clinging grass that followed her pale skin. Her white skirt billowed gently in the quiet breeze as she twisted carefully around, checking all hidden corners of the park for further danger that she had not been able to see while kneeling before Sailor Moon. Satisfied there was no immediate danger present she returned to Sailor Moonís expectant face. What was she to do now? She broke a rule and transformed in front of the Princess and two of her followers and now they expected her to explain things to them. It did however make her job of protecting the Princess easier if she could change into her Senshi form without leaving the scene or the Princessís side. But she did understand her Queenís worry over imparting information to these people and changing the timeline. She couldnít break another rule, not now anyway. Perhaps she could bend it, just a little so that they were more prepared for the battles ahead, but of much information to give or allow?

Tuxedo Kamen finally found his voice as he unsteadily got to his feet. He took the necessary steps forward to stand beside Sailor Moon, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and drawing her closer to his side. He winced when she uncrossed her arms and wrapped them around his middle in return, but made no sound of discomfort though it had obviously hurt him. "You were the one who helped us a few days ago when that youma attacked Sailor Moon?"

"That is correct...Tuxedo Kamen." She almost called him his highness, knowing that he would one day be king, but caught herself in time. She didnít need them knowing that she came from the future, that would create even more questions she wasnít allowed to answer.

His dark blue eyes narrowed upon her face, trying to read her expression for a possible insight to what lay beyond her guarded green-eyes. "There has been no more Sailor Senshi in the last year or so to appear. How is it that you, Sailor Libra, come to be among us?" He purposely left out his knowledge of the Outer Senshiís existence, not sure if she too knew about them but wasnít about to offer free information to her.

"Well for one thing I am not a Sailor Senshi like Sailor Moon or Sailor Jupiter here. I am a Star Senshi. And as for my presence among you..." How to word this? "I am here to protect the Silver Star, to insure that her beautiful shine of light never dies."

Sailor Moon stepped forward from Tuxedo Kamenís protective embrace, clasping her hands together at her chest, her vibrant blue eyes shining as she felt compelled to take on her true form as the heir to the Moon. Closing her eyes for a moment, she reopened them as her tiara faded from her forehead and her moon symbol appeared brightly. Calling upon her powers silently, she felt the glow within her brighten as her fuku melted away to be replaced by her Princess garb. "So I am in danger." Princess Serenity spoke lightly as she tapped her chest for emphasis. "The monsterís that attacked me were really trying to get ME not the defender of this planet, Sailor Moon?"

Libra smiled slightly, understanding Sailor Moonís meaning. Sailor Moon and the Princess Serenity were like two totally different people. One was the defender of this planet while the other was of the Moon Kingdom and who would one day rule the Earth. Usagi looked exactly like her Queen in this dress, save for the different hair color and the expressive blue eyes. How happy her eyes looked compared to her own Queenís melancholy ones. "Yes and No. They wish to extinguish your light. You are not only the defender of this planet but the savior as well. They can not tolerate your presence. The darkness they wish to impart on this world is brightened by your shine, they can not bring total destruction if you live."

"We can protect Sailor Moon from this new menace. We do not need you helping us!" Sailor Jupiter growled as she tried to stand. "Sailor Moon step away from her, we still donít have all the answers to why she is here. She could just be the enemy trying to get you into believing she is a friend." Rising to a kneeling position was the best Sailor Jupiter could manage, her face contorted into anger and wary. Tuxedo Kamen turned and walked over to her, helping her rise to lean unsteadily against him.

"Why are you being such a fool Sailor Jupiter? Isnít it obvious that you can not stand against them? Your powers are next to nill, where the enemies powerís far out reach your own grasp. I am here to help, whether you like it or not. I follow my orders no matter what the cost, even if it means my own death...or a teammateís death." She was about to go on, but she felt something wrong in her body. As if she was being searched by someone. She thought it might be Tuxedo Kamen, but knew that to be wrong just by the negative aura of the person who was "brushing" her. "Damn not now!"

All three looked at Libra, wondering why she cursed at the air. Then the same uneasy feeling filtered into them, the same "brushing" effect swept through their bodies.

Yanking Sailor Moon forward and down to the ground, Libra curled her own body around the blonde, shoving Princess Serenityís head against her chest. Wrapping one arm around the Princessís back, she used her other hand to hold Princess Serenityís head down under her chin. Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Kamen both stepped forward intent on freeing their Princess from Libraís grasp but were cut short by twin bolts of black lighting that knocked them down and wrapped themselves around their bodies trapping them to the ground. Libraís body tensed as she felt a streak of lighting come crashing down upon her unprotected back. Biting back a scream, she clenched her teeth as the bolt ripped threw her fuku to scorch her back. Heat blazed unchecked through her as she clasped Princess Serenity tighter to her, forcing her body to align itself with the direct assault of the lighting that continued its massive onslaught.

Struggling to free herself, Serenity could feel the heat of the lighting screaming through Libraís body, but could do nothing to stop the attack. She prayed that Tuxedo Kamen or Sailor Jupiter would come to their rescue, but feared they were still too weak to be of much help. She hadnít seen both her friends attacked as was her face turned from them and couldnít lift her head to see. She herself wanted to help protect Libra from whomever was attacking, knowing it was her they were actually after. She knew nothing of Libra or Allannah for that matter, but she must be a friend if she was willing to protect her. Hearing Libra whimper made her own heart flame with anger, increasing her struggles. It was useless though; Libra was much stronger and more determined to protect Serenity. Serenity thought of the words that Libra had spoken earlier, "Even if it means my own death." she could feel the white light that shone inside Allannah and knew she was a friend. She couldnít let her die.

Just as the bolt stopped, another came in its place, but it gave Libra a split second to act. Another whimper escaped her as she flexed her burnt back and raised her head a notch to scream out her attack in the direction of the bolts origin. Still keeping her right arm around the Princess, she used her left arm to aim.

"Sapphire Star Burst!" A weak, but determined attack of blue stars was sent towards the sky, disrupting the black lightening, and continuing onwards.

A loud grunt resounded throughout the park as a male figure appeared floating in the sky. He wore a long black shirt that reached nearly to his knees, and was belted in at the waist. Black skin-tight pants were barely visible, hidden beneath the shirt and the brown leather boots that rose to just above his knees. His sunlit hair brushed his shoulders in feathered wisps, and covered his eyes in a messy fashion. Princess Serenity imagined that his eyes must be blue like her own to match his blonde hair, but she couldnít see his eyes, though she knew when she did that they would be dark and cold. A long sword was hastily tied at his side, its sheath intricately carved in unreadable writing and the hilt oddly shaped, but its design couldnít be defined from her distant position as she peeked over Libraís shoulder. He held one arm closely to his side, the other holding tightly to his upper arm where a thin rivulet of blood seeped from a wound.

"Very good Libra. Even when you are at a disadvantage and cannot see your opponent you still hit your mark. Impressive. But wonít you be a good little girl and get out of the way?" His tone was condescending as if he was talking to a child instead of a young woman.

Catching a growl low in her throat, Libra kept her back towards him, shielding Princess Serenity. She kept her neck craned around towards him, though a dull ache was beginning to spread. "Have I ever listened to you Shadow Mace?" She inquired sweetly, her green eyes flashing a warning.

"No I suppose you never did, but it was worth a shot. I guess I knew that one-day I would have to face you in battle. I thought however that you might change your mind and join me, like so many others did."


"A shame I must say, but I do have my orders just as you have yours. I wonder how much you have told your new friends, hmm?" He smiled, his white teeth glinting in the dimming light.

"Never you mind that. They know what they need to know. Now are you going to fight me or are you going to keep on chatting?"

"You wish to fight me? Do you really think you have it in yourself to kill me?" His mocking tone implied that he didnít believe her to be that bold, though a slight catch of surprise stilted his voice.

Serenity listened quietly to their voices, her thoughtís of breaking loose of Libraís hold gone for the moment as she listened to the strange conversation taking place. It sounded to her as if they were well if they were once close. Something just didnít quite fit correctly and she couldnít identify what it was. She felt Libra tighten herself. Turning her gaze questioningly to her she concentrated on what Libra was whispering to her.

"Do you trust me Princess?"

"Yes I do. I feel the goodness inside your soul and I know you could never be against me."

"Good. Listen carefully. I know that as soon as I stand to fight him, he will try to take a shot at you and I canít risk that. Iím going to use a little magic on you. I need you to be completely still. Can you do that for me?"

"I think I can, what are you going to do?"

"I canít transport you anywhere at the moment, Iím too weak to do that, but I can put an illusionary spell on you to make it look like you are not here, but I need you to be very still."

"Iíll try my best Libra."

Nodding, Libra removed her right arm, but instead of standing as Serenity had expected, Libra bent closer to her, tracing a circle around the ground that she knelt upon. Just as Libra sat back on her heels, she whispered, "Illusional Enchantment" and then screamed, "Sailor Teleport!" as the area around Serenity began to glow a bright golden-white color. In a flash of light, Serenity was gone, appearing to have transported from the park, leaving a dumbfounded Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Kamen, while Shadow Mace sputtered in lost outrage.

"Bring her back!" All three shouted at Libra, shocking each other into silence at their same explosive request.

"Ready?" Libra called her hands on her hips once again as she stood and turned towards him. Her green, silver streaked eyes issuing a challenge.

"Damn you! I havenít the time for these games." Drawing his sword he dropped to the ground from his position in the air. Walking forward, he glared murderously at Libra. His chance at the Moon Princess now gone again, he promised himself he would at least have the satisfaction of killing a Star Senshi. Taking a wild downwards swing at Libra, he crashed forward as she jumped back, narrowly missing the blow.

"A sword? Donít you think thatís a little unfair, seeing as how I donít have one?" Libra called out, side-stepping every slash of his sword. She knew she didnít have the power to kill him. His earlier attacks had seeped a lot of her power protecting the Princess. Her best bet was to let him tire himself out and then take a clean shot at him. Leading him away from where Serenity still kneeled in her enclosed circle, she prayed the blonde would keep silent as she had promised. Glancing around she saw that both Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Jupiter had taking up defensive positions around Shadow Mace and were silently trying to close him in.

Grinning, Shadow Mace held up his sword so that it glinted in the sunlight. He twisted it around in an airy fashion and placed it back in its sheath. "I wouldnít call it unfair, but all the same I can kill you without its help." Clapping his hands together, he drew them apart to create more black lightening. Instead of aiming it directly at her, he bent down and slammed the bolts directly into the ground.

"What the....," Libra questioned as she felt the earth beneath her begin to rumble as the bolts tore through the ground. Sliding to the side, she didnít escape all of the electric current, but enough to let her live as it ran up the length of her right side. Screaming she hit the ground and rolled as another bolt followed suit. This one however got her scorched back, making her body spasm in wretched pain. Gasping for breath, she quickly glanced around, only to find Shadow Mace standing above her with his sword pointed at her face.

"Tsk, tsk...bad mistake Libra. I thought you knew better than that, but obviously you donít. Pity." He watched the tears of pain run down her face, as she fought to say something.

"Sapp....," She choked as she reached up to touch his sword.

"Whatís that? I canít hear you?" Shadow Mace bent closer, a deep frown marring his face.

Grasping hold of the tip of his sword, she felt the metal bite into her skin as she gripped tightly. "Sapphire Healing," she coughed, dredging up the last of her powers for this attack.

The blue stars swirled up around the sword, absorbing the magic within its metal and grew stronger as it passed through the hilt and traveled up Shadow Maceís hand. Instead of gathering for a brutal explosive blow, they seeped into his skin and from within began draining his life energy to sustain her own.

Jumping backwards, Shadow Mace called up magic he had learned from his master to counter the spell. It had never once occurred to him that Libra had also been exposed to Yumi Horoshaís powers.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure," Sailor Jupiter screamed, seeing her chance to attack as Shadow Mace stumbled in his attempts. The blast hit him straight on as he had not considered her or Tuxedo Kamen a real threat.

Calling open a dark passage to his encampment, he glared at Sailor Jupiter. "Youíll pay for that." Disappearing into the gate, it closed behind him leaving the shaking Sailor Senshi staring after him.

"Libra!" Came a frantic cry, as both Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Jupiter turned in time to see Princess Serenity pop out of the same spot she had disappeared from and rush over to the still form of Libra, her gown hiked well above her knees .

"How...?" Jupiter wondered aloud.

"Weíll find out later, come on." Both rushed over to Libra to see her eyes valiantly trying to remain open.

"Allannah? Are you alright?" Serenity whispered gathering Libra into her arms.

Forcing her eyes to stay open a moment longer, Libra turned in search of Tuxedo Kamen. "Mamoru-san?"

"Iím right here Libra," he clasped her gloved hand in his, feeling for her small pulse.

"Take her to her home. Sheíll be safe there. There is a barrier around her house that prevents them from attacking."

"I understand. Hang in there, we need to get you to a doctor."

"No...fine..need rest now. I need.... I need...Venus," She whispered before she fell into a deep healing sleep, her mind made up.

Her heeled, purple boots clicked loudly upon the embedded rock as she silently made her way to the door at the end of the hallway. Shivering, she couldnít help but feel the cold chill that crept down her spine as she walked through the darkened rooms. She felt inhuman eyes upon her, watching her intently as she pasted by. She wished she was back in the palace where she had grown up, but she knew that time was long gone and she could never go back. She had made her choice, following her father down this gruesome path. At least one of her family members had made the right decision when light and dark chose once again to battle upon earth. Hunching her shoulders down, she wondered why her master would call for her at a time like this. She had been making good progress on cracking the barrier that encompassed the Star palace. Shivering once again, she really didnít want to face Ruguerdon, his evil presence seemed to leak negative currents that made her mind and body cringe in fear.

Facing the thick slab of door, she paused a moment to gain strength. Raising her white knuckles to knock upon the wood, it opened before she had the chance. Of course he would know Iím standing out here, she thought as she brushed back her dark hood and entered. As she pasted through the doorís frame, it was as if a different girl walked in. A determined, strong-willed girl with hardened features and a straight carriage strode towards the only chair in the room. The scared, uncertain girl of a moment before was now gone, buried deep within her.

A man wearing the robes of priesthood stood in front of a table scattered with various maps and blueprints of the Star palace and surrounding territories. He was young, about mid-twenties, with long green hair that was almost black. His face was handsome enough, but his eyes were so cold that you would never want to be caught by his intense gaze. The robes did not suit well on his frame, he belonged more in dark armor as she so often saw him. He wore the long white ceremonial robes to throw off his victims so that they considered him friend to their planet, letting him enter and then realizing their danger far too late. He gained many planets this way, befriending the rulers, letting them build their trust and then striking when their guard was down.

Marching herself up to his side, the young woman held herself at attention, her eyes locked on the table. "You called for me Sir Ruguerdon?"

"Ahh, yes so I did Alora. I have need of your talented services. Iím sending you to the past to take your fatherís place. It seems he is having to much trouble killing one little girl."

Tearing her eyes away from the sketches, Alora looked at her master in horror. "Me Sir?" She frowned, her face scrunching up in uncertainty. There had to be some mistake, she couldnít go into the future. "Iím needed here, we are about to break the shield around the palace."

Ruguerdonís face contorted into anger. The small room instantly chilled, as his anger seeped out in dark waves of energy. "You dare question me? I need that little brat dead! And your father canít seem to manage it." The room instantly warmed again as he controlled his output of energy, his face once again placid. "Do not ever question my decisions again is that clear?" He took a step back from the table and sat down in the chair, his robes flowing around his body as if they were alive.

"Yes Sir." Turning, Alora headed back for the door, willing herself not to run.

"Oh and Alora one more thing."

Glancing back, she looked at his mouth, not quite ready to meet his burning eyes. "Sir?"

"If you meet up with Libra, kill her. If we kill the leader the rest should fall easily."

"Of course Sir." Alora raised her hood back up, and disappeared out the door.

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