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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon series are characters of my owncreation and is under Kohaku Fujin’s copyright.

As this is my first fanfic ever, please do not be too harsh on it or on me. The first chapters are a little slow, but that is to introduce my character to you, the reader. Believe me, it will speed up. As you go along things will become clearer to you, so don’t think that you’ll never understand what’s going on. I know that what I am about to say next will make some of my readers upset, but alas, I need to say it. I could not find a proper time line where Sailor Moon and her Inner Senshi were the only ones on the scene without Chibiusa or the Outer Senshi and still have them know each other. So I created my own time line where Usagi, Mina, Rei, Ami, and Mako are in the present but they are aware of Chibiusa’s and the Outer Senshi’s existence. This way, I do not have to deal with them but I will make references to them in later chapters and also…well I can’t tell you about that yet because it will ruin the story. If I could have stuck with Naoko’s timeline, believe me, I would have done so. So just sit back, read, enjoy, and hopefully be pleased with my efforts. Also a little note to readers—the chapter titles are in Japanese, written backwards, as how they should be. If I say or spell it wrong, please, please e-mail me so I can correct it immediately. I would of course love any comments from you, whether they are good or bad. You can e-mail me at ~Kohaku Fujin~

Prologue: Kaku ni su Kaerima (Return to the Past)
By: Kohaku Fujin

The young girl strode hurriedly down the dimly lit open corridor, mindful of the Queen’s abrupt summoning. She would have teleported straight there except for the Queen’s decree that no teleportation was allowed without her personal consent. She had been at the other end of the palace, practicing her attack moves in the training court when a messenger had rushed in. The poor little boy had stumbled straight into the direction of her attack and would have been burned to dust if she hadn’t have had such exemplary reflexes. She had been able to change her attacks course to a new target, a power she hadn’t realized she possessed. The girl shuttered at the thought of killing the innocent child. Damn kid knew that the training court was off limits to children and she reminded him of that rule…quite loudly in fact. What could be so important to break that rule? Picking up her pace, the girl nearly collided with one of the guards posted at the throne room’s double doors. The girl frowned as she nodded her apology, still in a disagreeable mood.

"Let me pass," the girl commanded as she attempted to reach for one of the door’s handles, which were barred by the guard’s glaive. Taking a second look she now noticed that there were two guards instead of one, odd since the Kingdom was not at war. She frowned in uncertainty at the irregularity of having more guards placed at these doors.. Both guards stared straight through her as if she was not standing there before them. "Of all the impudence!" the girl fumed as she flipped back her hood to reveal a white tiara lined in gold, fixed upon her forehead. A simple astrological sign was imbedded into the middle of the downward arch of her headpiece. Upon looking at the tiara, and glimpsing the outfit beneath the cloak as the girl placed her hands on her hips, the guards scrambled from her path.

"Please, excuse us, we did not recognize you, Senshi..." the girl did not hear the rest of their sentence, as she had already pulled open one of the doors and had slipped through.

People from all over the Kingdom’s lands were in the room, talking in animated voices. Ladies were standing around in their finery of silk, taffeta, and velour. Men in fine suits, and armor were also present, milling around the room. All stopped to stare at the girl, some pointing, and some whispering, as she marched down the red carpet, head held high with an extreme effort not to glance at anyone. The girl could not distinguish what was being said and made it even a more frustrating chore not to stop and demand what was going on. Her eyes fixed upon the Queen as she continued forward. Reaching the stairs that ascended to the throne, the girl stopped and dropped to one knee, bowing her head.

The Queen gazed down at the girl in discomfort. Twirling a piece of pink hair with her finger, she chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip. The decision had been hard, but she knew that this was the senshi for the mission. Now all she had to do was tell the girl.

"Rise Senshi," the Queen ordered. The girl slowly stood up and cast a quick look around the room. Everyone in the entire throne room was now deathly silent. What the Hell was going on? The girl thought to herself as her narrowed eyes returned to her Queen. The Queen delicately pushed herself up from the throne and headed for a section of panel on the wall, behind a tapestry. She pushed aside the ancient tapestry and slid her hand down the wall. A small door opened and the Queen stepped through. "Please, follow me," the Queen beckoned as she disappeared from the girl’s sight.

The girl followed behind the Queen by a few paces as she stared in awe of the beautiful array of flowers. Fragrant smells of perfume emitted from open blossoms, emitting a sense of immersion. She knew something was dreadfully wrong to be allowed in here. This was the Queen’s private garden, no one was allowed in here except for the gardener and the Queen herself.

Varying shades of pink flowers and leaves from foreign trees were strewn among the other colors of periwinkle, canary yellow, sea green, lavender, and sky blue. Pink was the Queen’s favorite color so it was no wonder that this was the color that dominated the garden. Roses, Lilies, Pansies, Petunias, and many other unidentifiable flowers were all stained in various shades of pink. The gardener must have worked extremely hard to get these flowers to lose their original color and adopt theses unusual tones. The girl turned her attention back to the Queen, about to voice her approval of the garden, but stopped short when she saw the distraught look upon her face.

Her Queen was a lovely sight to behold, even when looking so forlorn. She had a soft shade of long cascading pink hair reaching to the bottom hem of her Imperial white dress, and done up in a pointed odango. Her expressive eyes were a darker shade of pink, almost on the border of cherry red. A yellow crescent moon upon her forehead was the only birthmark upon her face.

"Senshi," the Queen spoke, "You are my most valuable fighter in my Kingdom and for this reason I have chosen you for a great mission."

"Your majesty, if I may ask...what is wrong? I would do anything for you and our Kingdom!" the girl stated feverently, beginning to feel a touch uneasy.

"Yes, I know," the Queen nodded. "This is what makes me so sad. I know you love this Kingdom and that you would never wish to depart from it, but....the need is great. And for your love of this Kingdom is what I will use to make you accept the mission. You leave at dusk."

"What? Your majesty can not be serious! I can not leave. You NEED me here," the girl choked out in desperation, her confused mind swirling in an attempt to find an escape. "Surely one of the other Senshi would be more than appropriate."

The Queen shook her head at the girl’s desperate plea. "The Council of Elders voted and they chose you, but the last word was mine and mine alone. You will go even though it pains me to see you so upset."

"What is this mission? What is needed to be done so badly that it would tear me away from my home?"

With a sigh, the Queen sat down on a marbled bench under a magenta-weeping willow. Picking a pink daisy from a nearby pot, she began to pluck its long petals. "It is Shadow Mace," the Queen stated causing the girl to inhale sharply. "He has gone into the past to find my mother and destroy her so that I may never be born to rule this land. Because of the need to keep this castle and the surrounding lands under constant shielding, and the fact that Shadow Mace went so far back, I only have enough power to send one Senshi after him. Shadow Mace must be destroyed and my mother protected. We chose you because you are the most capable. Besides most of the other senshi are on missions from the palace and do not qualify as substantially as you do." The Queen looked up pleadingly. "Please, I need your help. My future as Queen is not set in stone as was my mother’s. Any amount of damage now could crumble my already fragile Kingdom. You know that. I have worked too hard and too long to keep the peace here!"

"I understand, your Majesty. I will need more details before I depart," the girl whispered, her face an unnatural white sheen.

"I know. Come, Dayimond will fill you in and give you all or at least most of the answers you seek."

Stepping into the dimly lit room, the girl looked around. It was a rather magnificent room with a vaulted ceiling and a large skylight, letting the trailing moonlight filter in. In the center of the room, slightly elevated off the floor and strategically placed in a circle were twelve golden stars.

It has been a long time since I have been in this room, the girl thought. In fact, none of the Senshi had been in here for the last three years, not since the last battle with Rugar when they had to defend the castle with their powers from his attack. The man had almost won over, but it had been the Silver Imperium Crystal that had giving them the last bit of power to push the evil demon back to whence he came. Now, a minion of his, Shadow Mace, was attempting to destroy their peace by going centuries into the past to stop her Queen’s mother from living and coming to the age where she would give birth to this Kingdom’s ruler.

"Allannah?" the Queen stepped forth from the shadows, followed by a withering old man with green hair and almond colored eyes. Allannah turned to the Queen; her eyes shimmering with unshed tears.

"Remember…you are going there to protect the past, not change it. Do everything in your power to keep time as it should be." The man gazed at her, showing his concern for the task at hand, his eyes burning brightly in the shadows.

"I understand Chief Elder, Dayimond."

"And one more thing Allannah…try to protect their innocence. The less they know of the future, the better off things will be and the timeline will flow on its natural course." The Queen spoke, her face holding a look of imperative determination.

"I will not let you down, your Majesty. I will find the original Sailor Senshi and save your mother. I will destroy Shadow Mace in their time line so that he can not return to ours." The Queen nodded her approval and signaled for Allannah to step up onto her appointed star. Allannah now noticed that the Queen held in her right hand the Silver Imperium Crystal. She nodded that she was ready to begin her departure. The Queen opened her hand, but the Crystal did not fall from her palm. Instead it rose and hovered in front of the Queen’s chest. Closing her eyes, the Queen raised her hands above her head, the crystal slowly following her hands movements.

"Moon Celestial Power!" the Queen cried aloud. Light poured forth from the crystal, filling the room with bright, warm pale light, extinguishing all remaining shadows. A blast of wind swept the room pushing the Queen’s pink strands of hair wildly around her petite frame. Opening her eyes, the Queen met Allannah’s plaintive gaze of lost hope. A pure beam of white light erupted from the crystal, smashing into Alllannah’s body, making her scream in agony as she was lifted up off her appointed star. In return, her tiara disappeared off her forehead and in it’s place her symbol appeared, absorbing the energy of the crystal. Then, in the blink of an eye the girl was gone. The Queen dropped to her knees, not from exhaustion, but from grief. The crystal floated down to rest beside her, as her tears wet the palace’s white marbled floor.

"Was that supposed to happen?" the Chief Elder, Dayimond, asked bewildered.

"No. She fought the crystal’s power. In return, it increased it’s power to disarm her so that I could teleport her to the past. She did not want to go, but in the end, she let the crystal take her."

"Oh," was Dayimond’s only reply, his almond colored eyes taking a somber cast, turning them to a dark wooden shade.

The Queen stared at the now empty star where Allannah had stood a moment before. "May your star protect you and offer you guidance, Allannah.... Be safe." The Queen dropped her head in her lap and wept, wondering if she had indeed done the right thing.

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