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The Past
Chapter 7 : The return of a Moon Princess
By Minako Chan

"Please stop !!!! You can't do this mother, you can't", screamed the little voice.

"Reeny....", whispered Anya.

The energy disappeared and Reeny gave Darien a big hug. Everyone was stunned by the event and they turned their eyes towards Anya.

"Mother, please listen to me...", said Reeny.

"Reeny...", repeated Anya, looking down on herself.

"Anya, screamed Antares, don't you see that it's a trap. This is not your daughter, this is a trick that they've plan to confuse you."

"Yes, it must be a trick", said Anya, raising her hands in the air. "You will all die !!"

"Not if we can help it", yelled someone.

They all turned around and saw Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. "Serena, said Neptune, this is no trick. This is your daughter Reeny".

"'re not an evil person, started Reeny. Don't you remember anything ?? Please mommy, I don't want to be evil.... I don't want to live like them", she added, pointing at Antares.

"This has gone far enough !! screamed Antares. Anya finish this once and for all".

"Yes....I must finish this...", said Anya. Calling upon her powers, a strong energy bolt formed over her head.

"Serenaaaa....", the scouts screamed together.

"I will finish this once and for all", she said.

"Do it now", Antares yelled.

Anya through the energy bolt and everyone closed their eyes, not wanting to see what would happened. Darien held Reeny as hard as he can as she started crying.

"Antares !!! yelled Mystifa. Look out !!!!"

"Nooooooooo....", he screamed as he was being hit by the energy bolt. "This will not end this way.....!!"

Darien opened his eyes and saw Antares on the floor, screaming in pain. He turned is head and looked at Serena. She was down on her knees, holding her head with her hands.

"Serena", whispered Darien. "Are you alright ?"

"I can't... think straight..., she managed to say.".

"Let me set you free mother", said Reeny. Raising her hands, the silver crystal appeared. She pointed it at Serena and closed her eyes.

"Moon crystal healing power"

The energy hit Serena and she began to transformed back into herself. Neptune and Uranus set free the other scouts while Saturn was getting their transformation's sticks. As the energy disappeared, a bright white light came over Serena, blinding everyone. When the light vanished, they saw Serena, back in her princess dress, laying on the grown.

"Serena, Darien yelled, running towards her. Serena, are you alright? Please wake up !"

"Mercury crystal power"

"Mars crystal power"

"Venus crystal power"

"Jupiter crystal power"

"Pluto planet power"

Having, their pens back, the scouts transformed. Mercury ran towards Serena, checking to see if she was alright.

"Is she....", whispered Darien.

"No, said Mercury, she alive but she is very weak. We have to get her out of here".

"This will not end this way", screamed Antares, back on his feet. "You will pay for what you have done. Powers of the dark moon, give me the strength to defeat my enemies".

A black mist surounded Antares as he laughed. "Now, you will all die!!!"

"Sailorscouts, yelled Pluto, take care of Antares. Mystifia is mine". The other's nodded as they approached Antares.

"Darien, Reeny, said Mars, stay with Serena, we will handle this. Let's go guys !"

"I don't think so", said Antares laughing. "Behold the true power of the dark side!! Wild fire burn!!"

"Mars flame sniper"

"Sparkling wide pressure"

The attacks hit each other but they were equal in power. The scouts combined their powers hoping to defeat Antares.

"Mars flame sniper"

"World shaking"

"Sparkling wide pressure"

"Deep submerge"

"Venus love and beauty shock"

"Mercury aqua rhapsody"

The attacks went flying towards Antares and through him against the wall. They combined again but this time Antares got out of the way. "Dark wave surround" he yelled. This time the attack hit Mars, Venus and Neptune as they felled on the grown. Watching from behind, Reeny and Darien exchanged a worried look.

"I have to help... I must...", Serena whispered, waking up.

"Serena", Darien said. "Stay here, you can't help them you are too weak to fight."

"Mommy please... said Reeny.

"I have them, she said, struggling to get up. They need me..."

"Serena...", Darien started to say but stop since he knew that he wouldn't be able to convince her. Helping her get up, he noticed that she was holding the silver crystal and it was white again.

"So Pluto", said Mystifia, how does it feel to be able to get your revenge ?"

"You killed my parents", yelled Pluto, angry. " You were banish because of that and now, you will pay for your crimes"

"We shall see", laughed Mystifia as she started her attack. "Silent wind"

"Dead scream...."

Sailor Pluto jumped out of the way but Mystifia got hit by the attack. Falling on her knees, she turned at Pluto who was getting ready for an other attack.

"Not this time Pluto", she whispered. "Shadow knight destroy". The attack hit Pluto and she felled on the floor.

Meanwhile, the scouts that were left started to get weak. "We must stop him", said Uranus.

"I'll try, said Saturn. Silence glaive apply"

Getting out of the way of the attack, Antares hit Saturn with an other attack and she went flying in the air, landing on the floor next to Mars.

"You will never get me, he said, NEVER !!!"

"That's what you think, said Serena, standing up with Reeny and Darien. I call upon the great powers of the moon... give me the strenght to stop this evil."


"Nooooooo....", Antares yelled while the light of the crystal surrounded him.

"Now guys!!"

"World shaking"

"Sparkling wide pressure"

"Wait for us", said Mars, trying to get up.

"yeah..", said Mercury, Venus and Neptune.

"Mars flame sniper"

"Mercury aqua rhapsody"

"Venus love and beauty shock"

"Deep submerge"

"Nooooo... this can't end this way, yelled Antares. Nooooooo......", he screamed as he disappeared into the air.

"We did it, said Serena. Ahhhh...."

"Serena !!!!"

The sailorscouts ran towards her but they were too late. Laying on the floor, Serena looked at Darien and smiled.

"I'm...sorry had to be done", she managed to say.


"Give up Pluto, said Mystifia, you will never defeat me".

"I...I will", she said, breaking free of the attack.

"That's impossible", screamed Mystifia.

Hitting Mystifia with her staff, she stepped back and looked at her. "This is the end"

"Dead scream...."

The energy hit Mystifia with all of it's power.

"This is not over Pluto, she yelled, you will see me again....." as she disappeared.

"I don't think so", said Pluto, smiling. Looking behind her, she noticed that something was wrong. Running towards the scouts, she was terrified from what she saw.

"She dying, said Mercury, I don't what to do".

"Serena, whispered Darien, you can't leave me, please wake up".

Everyone stood in silence while Neptune was helping Saturn to get up.

"I don't think that Saturn has enough strenght to heal her", said Neptune.

"But you can save her if you believe in yourselves", said Reeny. "You must believe".

"Uniting our powers might work", said Venus.

"Let's give it a try", said Jupiter.

They all got up, forming a circle around the princess. They closed their eyes, each concentrating on their powers.

"Mars healing power"

"Mercury healing power"

"Jupiter healing power"

"Venus healing power"

"Neptune healing power"

"Uranus healing power"

"Pluto healing power"

"Saturn healing power"

A circle of energy appeared, surrounding Serena, still not moving. After a few minutes, the scouts stopped sending out their energy because they were too weak. Everyone sat on the grown, looking at Serena.

"Did it work", asked Mars.

"Serena..., said Darien, wake up".

"Mmmm.... Darien..., she whispered softly. Did we win ?"

"Oh Serena, said Darien, holding her in his arms, we did".

"That's good...", she said.

Everyone was very happy and they all gave her a big hug.

"Mommy, stared Reeny, I have to go now."

"I know honey", she said.

"Don't worry, I'll be here soon". On that, Reeny smiled one last time at Serena before vanishing away.

"I'm so happy".

9 months later....

"Common Serenity, yelled Amy, push !!!"

"Argggg....", she screamed.

"One last push, said Amy. Push !!"

Serenity pushed as hard as she could, holding on to Endymion's hand.

"It's over Serenity, said Amy, holding the new born. Here is your daughter", she said, laying the child on Serenity. Crying of joy, she held her baby.

"Welcome back Reeny", she whispered while her fingers were taking of the blood from her forehead. A small crescent moon was there, glowing in the light. She kissed Darien for a moment then he kissed his daughter.

"I am so happy", said Serenity.

Her friends were standing around her, smiling. She was now Neo Queen Serenity, Queen of Crystal Tokyo. She was really happy. She had her friends, her love and her daughter.

Most of all, peace was restored on earth....

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