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As you can probably tell, this section is where Atosaki hosts Sailormoon fan music. There aren't too many selections, since fan music isn't half as popular as fan art or fan fics. I've searched around on the web and came up with only these files. If anyone has any fan music they'd like to contribute, please, by all means, send 'em in! Just be sure to check out the guidelines for submission before sending anything in. Especially if your fan music is a large, mp3 file! Enjoy the music!

NOTE: When you click on the files, you'll be taken to a new page where the file is actually hosted on.

Crimson Tears
Genre: Alternative
Note: Due to the fact that the following files are in mp3 format, they have been zipped to save space. You'll need a program like WinZip to unzip these files. If you like these songs, visit the band's homepage (listed above), or to download more full mp3s, visit

Website: None
Genre: ??? Something that very closely resembles Sailormoon music. ^-^;;

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