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Sailor Moon: Lunarock (second American CD)
Submitted by KikiKaka

Well, even before I start this review, all I have to say is that if for some reason, you can't find a shop that will import the Japanese Sailormoon CDs for you, or can't download mp3s, buy this CD. It contains "Moonlight Densetsu" and "Ai no Senshi," a great introduction to the other Japanese Sailormoon songs.

The Power of Love: First of all, the title "The Power of Love," is practically the mother of all cliches. In so saying, the lyrics obviously leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, as is the case with most of the other songs in this CD, the song is extremely catchy. ^-^;; If you listen to this song long enough, you might start singing along with it. It's like the Spice Girls. Ack!

I Want Someone to Love: Uh, weird? I think I'll be insulting the rap community if I said this song resembles rap in some ways. Then again, it's not really rap. It's got a bit of techno, mixed in with some pop and hip hop. Ultimately, it fits in the dance category. The opening is scary, differing so much from the Japanese songs, that I wouldn't have recognized it as a Sailormoon-oriented song. But once again, as the song progresses, it starts to get catchy...

I Want to Hold Your Hand: This song really shows that the American dub has tried to turn something aimed at the pre-teen category into something aimed at 5 year olds. When I was a kid and still into Barbies, there was a Barbie cassete tape released with um, Barbie songs. And yes, I got my mom to buy it for me. And well, this song is something akin to what one may find on that very same Barbie soundtrack. Sad. But once again, if you're into dance tunes, this song is adequate.

Who Do You Think You are?: I think I'm a Spice Girl. Well, what can I say? Suddenly, Sailormoon has turned into an 'attitude' show... ^-^;; This song is horrendous! The lyrics are terrible. Worse, it features 'Serena' and 'Raye' butting it out. Goes to show how the American dub has tried to potray them as bitter enemies rather than close friends. Mega thumbs down.

Moonlight Densetsu: After four terrible songs, this is a true godsend. The Japanese opening theme to the Sailormoon series from the classic to SuperS, this song really demonstrates the difference between North American cartoons and Japanese anime. This piece has got everything: A rhythm, great lyrics, and a singer who can carry a tune. And the instruments: Unlike a lot of the NA songs, you can actually hear more than one instrument playing in the background. Powerful, catchy, and just damned good, this song is a big thumbs up.

Daddy's Girl: Don't make me gag! The opening line is, get this, "From pigtails to perfume." Terrible, terrible lyrics! Although granted, I think the songwriter must've meant well, the song just didn't turn out too good. Perhaps due in part to the singer, who's obviously much older than a fourteen year old trying to sing in the role of a fourteen year old looking back on life. Thumbs down.

Ai no Senshi: This song is absolutely brilliant. When I hear this song, I think about the Sailormoon S episode in which Usagi is rushing to the Tokyo tower to save her beloved Tuxedo Kamen. And she's in the car talking to Haruka and Michiru... Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. As was the case with "Moonlight Densetsu," the rhythm, tune, lyrics, and singing is absolutely wonderful. Thumbs up.

Nothing at All: Not the greatest song to end a CD on. It's weak and carries little emotion to it. Furthermore, it's not very memorable. Not a very good representation of what equates a Sailormoon song. Thumbs down.

And the final verdict? Personally, I think this is a better CD to buy if given the choice between this CD and the first American OST release, simply because it's got two Japanese Sailormoon songs on it. However, if you're not interested in Japanese anime music, the first CD is better. Once again though, if you're bordering on the 'maybe' region, buy only at a discount price. The Japanese songs may be great, but the other songs aren't worth dishing out twenty or so bucks. Unless, of course, you're a real fan of the American dub songs.

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