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So, it appears you're interested in joining this webring... =) Before you consider applying though, please check to see if you meet the following two basic requirements:
  1. You need to have a homepage that has Sailormoon material on it.
  2. The homepage should not be an "Under Construction" page to a point where there is almost nothing on the page. To clarify, a bunch of stolen images, stolen HTML, hastily thrown together links, and/or a bunch of direct-linked files to other sites does not a homepage make.

If you don't meet the above two basic requirements, please don't bother applying. You'll be wasting your time, as well as mine. If, on the other hand, you do meet the above two requirements, then make sure you follow the rules below:

  1. The HTML fragment must be easily found somewhere on your page. If you have a page specifically for webrings, make sure that you link to this page from your main page. If I have to spend more than a minute searching your page for the location of the HTML fragment, you just might not make it into the ring...
  2. If you have both frames and no frames versions of your homepage, the fragment must be present on both versions.
  3. Sites that make my browser crash when I visit it to check the HTML fragment will not be accepted into the ring. A word of advice: Keep the animated gifs and java applets to a minimum; It's entirely unecessary to use an animated gif as a background, by the way, as it seems to be a popular trend of late.
  4. If using the HTML fragment with the ring logo, it must include a logo from the logo archive. Permission from the ringmistress is needed before using any other logos or modifying existing ones.
  5. If you are a member of more than 2 rings, it would be great if you place ours at the top (but it isn't mandatory).
  6. The HTML fragment must not be modified in anyway except to change the logo picture and add in the needed info. You can also change the font face, font colours, background colours, etc., but the base HTML must stay the same (ie. you can't take the title off the fragment). Further changes may be allowed, but e-mail me first.
  7. Logo used must be from the logo archive.
  8. If using a logo, DO NOT LINK the logo to your homepage. Copy the logo of your choice to YOUR disk space.

Once the HTML fragment is appropriately edited and pasted onto your site, you must e-mail me with your site ID number. I will then check your site, and if it meets all the above rules and requirements (and I know that there's a lot, but in the end, it makes everyone's lives a lot easier ^-^;;), you're in the ring!

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