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Character Profile

Japanese Name: Hino Rei
NA English Name: Raye
Character: Sailor Mars
Birthday: April 17
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Hobby: Psychic
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Food: Fugu or Blowfish
Least Favorite Food: Canned Bamboo Shoot(s)
Favorite Subject Old Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Topics about Today's Society (Current Events??)
Afraid Of: The Television

Sailor Mars

Character Biography

Hino Rei is a priestess who specializes in fire readings that at times can foretell the future or reveal information about enemies of the Sailor Senshi. She is stubborn and constantly argues with Usagi. On the surface, these arguments make Rei look like Usagi's worse "friend". However, Rei actually considers Usagi to be one of her best friends, and their arguments are more for fun rather than out of spite for each other.

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