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Character Profile

Japanese Name: Tenoh Haruka
NA English Name: Amara
Character: Sailor Uranus
Birthday: January 27
Blood Type: B
Favorite Hobby: Race Car Driving
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Food: Anything that's a salad.
Least Favorite Food: Nattou, Japanese for fermented soybeans.
Favorite Subject Phys-ed
Least Favorite Subject: Modern National Language Studies
Afraid Of: Confessing

Sailor Uranus

Character Biography

Tenoh Haruka's alter ego is Sailor Uranus. There has been much debate whether this character is male or female. Sailor Uranus is, in fact, a female character who dresses like a male. Throughout the series and the manga, there has been evidence that she harbors feelings for Michiru, thus indicating that she (as well as Michiru) is homosexual. Similar to Michiru, Haruka attends the prestigious Mugen Gakuen school in Sailormoon S and is famous for her race car driving, as well as her athletic abilities. Sailor Uranus also has a pure heart crystal, which when revealed, forms the Space Sword talisman.

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