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Tears - July 2000 Fan Fic of the Month

Author Interview

Name(Or Alias): Emily
Age: 18

1) How did you become interested in Sailormoon?

My friend, Rain, watched a few episodes and insisted that I watch one, too. So, I decided to turn it on. And it was my favourite DiC episode yet, Crystal Clear Destiny, got me hooked.

2) What's your favourite, or what you consider the most memorable, moment(s) in Sailormoon? (Anime or manga)

In the DiC version, it would probably be in Crystal Clear Destiny, when Darien transforms into Tuxedo Kamen before Sailor Moon's eyes, and it promptly killed. In the Japanese version, it would probably be Luna and Kakeru's dream flight to the moon, in the SailorMoon S movie.

3) Which character(s) do you like best?

I am a Sailor Saturn fan, all the way.

4) When and why did you get interested in writing Sailormoon fan fiction?

I enjoy what-if scenarios, and the creation of a rival suitor for Serena's affections, and one who succeeds for a short period of time really got me interested in writing some fanfic. After that, it was just letting my imagination run wild.

5) What would you consider the *most* important aspect to writing Sailormoon fan fiction?

I find fanfiction with bad editing and grammar checks irritating. When you write, you should always go through your work several times before it ever sees the light of publishing-dom. Otherwise, try to be original and creative; there are so many writers out there that you really have to make yourself standout among the crowd.

6) Is there any one thing that helps you write (or get inspired to write) a fan fic? (ie. A certain song, watching an episode, etc.)

Watching stuff that isn't SailorMoon related, such as Hollywood movies, or reading a book. These all inspire me to throw in a kink into the continuum.

7) If you were to recommend some Sailormoon fan fics, which (besides your own, of course! =P) would you recommend?

My first all time favourite fanfic was Sentinel Rose, by Andrea. She doesn't write anymore, and doesn't really appreciate fanfic comments, but this story, though not the best written, was certainly one of the most creative of stories I had read.

8) Do you write any other fan fics outisde of Sailormoon-oriented fics? If so, what are they, and where can we find them?

I'm starting to write other stuff, which isn't fanfic, but completely original stuff. I haven't posted any of it yet, but when it is posted, it can be found via a link off my fanfic portfolio page.

9) Now, we all know that Sailormoon isn't the only anime/manga out there. Are you a fan of any other anime/manga? If so, what are they?

I absolutely adore Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is quite possibly the best anime ever created! This series I would consider artwork instead of entertainment. After watching the final episodes and the movies, I literally walked out of the theatre going "whoah". Also, I liked Battle Angel and Ghost in the Shell, and the series, Ranma 1/2.

10) And finally, any last words? ^-^

Inspiration is everywhere and the best writers are those with the greatest imaginations. :p

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