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"Sailormoon Elemental"

Part 2: The New Senshi

Jackie Chiang

Quick Copyright notes: This is a fanfic based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, an anime/manga created by Takeuchi Naoko. Characters belong to her and all others associated with rights [Toei, Bandai, Kodansha, etc], but the story line, ideas, and any other characters are created by me. 1997 - Jackie Chiang. Revised May 1998.

Hotaru opened her eyes. "Two forces are present," she said finally. She glanced at the other girls at the table.

Michiru nodded from her position next to Haruka. "One of them is definitely alien, but the other..." Her voice drifted off. Looking at her mirror, it flashed an image of the former Delta Zone, then faded away.

"A mystery," Haruka finished, sipping her tea. Her green eyes narrowed, as she leaned back against the seat, putting one of her arms on the top of the seat behind Michiru. "No signs of alien power, but they're definitely not from around here either."

"A presence is building up in the Delta Zone again," Setsuna remarked, leaning forward, staring into her tea cup. "Where Mugen Gakuen was... and where Gogyu Gakuen now stands."

"The Delta Zone must be watched," Hotaru murmured, stirring her tea slowly, eyes cloudy.

"And until we figure out exactly what's going on, the Inner Senshi should not be told," Michiru said firmly, her eyes meeting each of the other three's. "This is our job, not theirs."

The others only nodded in agreement.

Giggling... Faint at first, it gradually grew in decibels, until the irritating sound filled her mind. She broke the test tube in her hand, staring at the pieces of glass that cut her, enraged.

"SHUT UP!" she screamed, throwing a bolt of energy towards the direction of the giggling. Shrieks scattered throughout the room, and the giggling abruptly stopped.

"I'm sorry, Andromeda-san," her assistant said calmly, his eyes glancing at the dead bodies littered on the ground. "Apparently Quasar-san can't control her experiments..."

"Then tell her to fix them, Orion-san," Andromeda snapped, voice ice. "Or else she will be my next experiment!"

Orion smiled faintly, his golden eyes amused. "Of course, Andromeda-san."

Andromeda's red eyes narrowed as she gazed out the window, staring at the Tokyo Tower. "Hmph. We will finish what Tomoe and his incompetents left off... Except this time, we will do things the right way, skipping all these little unneccessities that caused them to fail. What a fool, to try to call Master Pharaoh 90 here... After all, 90 was only a pathetic, withering deity compared to his counterparts..."

"Of course, Andromeda-san. We have you to guide us, of course, and we will find the Destructor and the Celestial Crystal."

She studied the gold crystal in her hand. This was supposed to lead them to the Wakusei Crystals, and eventually to the Celestial Crystal? She knew of its power, but could it really help them?

"Be careful," the other said, kneeling down next to her in the grass. "It's our only hope of reaching the Destructor and the Sailor Senshi before it's too late."

"This finds those with the Wakusei Crystals in them..." she said, still somewhat awed by its beauty. "But... not the Celestial Crystal."

The second girl sighed, her eyes watching the people running by without actually seeing them. "No... The Celestial Crystal gives off a reading exactly like those of the Wakusei Crystals. If we examine it closely though, we will be able to determine whether or not it is the Celestial Crystal."

"Those aliens had better pray that we find the Celestial Crystal soon or we will destroy them anyway," the girl holding the gold crystal murmured, caressing it protectively.

Rei looked up suddenly, her eyes narrowing. The arrow she had been using to play with Phobos and Deimos fell to the ground, unnoticed.

"What is it, Rei-chan?" Usagi asked worriedly, placing her hand on her friend's shoulder, noticing the look on her face.

"It's nothing, Usagi," the black haired priestess murmured, glancing uneasily at the sky. "I just felt..."

"Felt what?" Makoto asked curiously. The other girls stopped fooling around to group around Rei.

"It's nothing," the spiritual girl repeated. "I've been sensitive lately, I guess..."

"You're not the only one," Hotaru remarked cryptically, staring at Rei with a deep glance.

A cold breeze floated by from no where, which was odd, as it was a warm, calm day.

Rei shivered involuntarily. "The darkness... is approaching," she whispered softly to herself. The others started around her.

Setsuna looked fixedly at her for a moment before turning away.

"Her..." she said, pointing to a blue haired girl down on the street, who was shopping. "Strong reaction from the crystal... Definitely from the Silver Millennium."

"Ready?" her partner said.

"Ready as I'll ever be..."

"Orion-san? Have you found our first target?" the voice was commandingly strong, even through the tiny speaker.

"Yes, Andromeda-san," he answered, staring at the cute girl holding the shopping bags. A pity really... She was almost too pretty to kill. "I've found her."

Minako froze as she heard something. Usagi ran into her, falling to the ground.

"Mina-chan!" Usagi whined, nearly about to cry as she rubbed her backside. "Why did you stop?"

"Shh!" Minako hissed, kneeling down to cover Usagi's mouth with her hand. "I thought I heard someone..."

A sharp scream filled the air.

"Someone's in trouble!" Haruka said. "Henshin yo!"

"Moon Wakusei Crystal Power, Make-Up!"

"Mercury Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Mars Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Venus Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Jupiter Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Saturn Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Uranus Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Neptune Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

"Pluto Wakusei Power, Make-Up!"

The transformed senshi ran from Rei's temple to where the screaming was. In the middle of a cleared street was an ugly woman-creature with a diamond on her forehead. The Demon was choking the girl by the throat, giggling excessively. Behind it was a man, dressed in all black, with black hair and gold eyes.

"Wait!" Sailormoon shouted angrily.

The man glanced, surprised, at the Sailor Senshi standing on the street. "And who might you be?" he asked arrogantly, as if he really didn't care one way or another.

"You, the new villains who try to hurt the people of Earth, will not be tolerated. I am Sailormoon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" Moon said, going through all the motions.

"Look," the man snapped, "I really don't have time to deal with the likes of you. I don't care if you are a sailor or a captain or a pilot!" Clapping his hands, a dark beam of light fell from the sky, dividing the senshi, who jumped to avoid its blast.

"Demon! Take care of them! I'll finish the job."

"Yes, Orion-san," the Demon said. Dropping the girl with an unappealing thud, she turned, and claws shot from her hands.

"Aiya!" Venus said, taken aback. "She needs a manicure or something!"

"Venus!" Jupiter hissed. "Now is NOT the time to play ditz!"

The black diamond on the Demon's forehead glowed, and from it spewed a black net which tangled up Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Uranus, who, moving around, fell down.

"Submarine Violin Tide!" Neptune shouted, her attack speeding towards the Demon. Unfortunately, the Demon had enough sense to jump out of the way.

"Silence Glaive... Surprise!" Saturn slammed her Silence Glaive on the ground, and the attack shook the whole area. The Demon fell, but laughing, it murmured beneath its breath, and the attack reversed itself, shaking the Sailor Senshi to their knees.

Meanwhile Orion had been standing over the unconscious girl. "Andromeda, I won't fail you." He reached down, his hand glowing, into the girl's chest, and grabbing something out.

"Stop!" Moon screamed, racing forwards.

"Ha ha," Orion smirked. "So the Sailor Senshi can't defeat us. What a joke. Master Pharaoh 90 was destroyed by YOU? I can't believe it.... But now I have what I want. The Celestial Crystal..." He opened his hand triumphantly, revealing a glowing, star shaped crystal that was faintly tinged blue.

"The what?" Mercury demanded from beneath the net, accidentally elbowing Uranus in the stomach as she struggled to stand up.

"None of your concern. Demon, finish them off!"

The Demon threw out its claws towards Sailormoon.

"Hold it!" an unfamiliar voice snapped. The Demon paused right before it struck the blond senshi.

"Eh?" Orion turned around towards the sound of the caller. "Not more Sailor Senshi?"

"No..." a second voice said, laughing huskily. Two figures walked up to them, and everyone, including Orion and the Demon, stared, stunned.

"We will not allow you to take the crystal!" the first girl said, arm on her left hip. "In the name of the Gogyu, Metal, I am the Elemental Senshi, Metal!"

"And in the name of the Gogyu, Wood, I am the Elemental Senshi, Wood!" the second said, her back to the other girl, hand on right hip.

"In the name of the elements of Earth, we will not let you get away!"

"Not again..." Jupiter muttered, tripping in the net. "Just when we got back from the Magic Senshi thing..."

"I don't think they're Sailor Senshi," Saturn said slowly, staring at them.

Metal had shoulder length black hair, and she wore a gold fuku. She had a solid gold collar, a white body suit, and a two layered skirt, the top layer gold, the bottom layer white. However, her shoulders were bare (like the original Pluto or Mercury), and on her elbows were armor with intricate designs engraved in them. Her gold bow in front had longer tails than those of the Sailor Senshi, each at least an inch longer. Her choker had an oval, gold stone, as did the center of her chest bow and the place where her body suit met her skirts in the center of her body. Metal's gloves were entirely different. They were gold, and started halfway beneath her elbows, but they began with a white, thick line with another gold stone in the middle. As they went downwards, the gloves eventually formed a triangle on the top of her hands with a stone in the middle, leaving her fingers bare. She wore gold heels on her feet, which she looked oddly comfortable in. She also had no back bow, and instead of a tiara, she wore a gold bandanna whose tails flapped in the breeze. In the middle of her bandanna was a golden stone. On her face was a gold mask (or eyeglasses, whatever you prefer) that effectively hid her eyes, while her from her ears hung tear dropped earrings.

Wood had a fuku exactly like Metal's, except for most of the fuku was green, and the bow was brown. Her stones were green, as was her green studded earring in her right ear. On her feet she wore flat green shoes [as in the shoes women wear with no heels]. Her green mask was partially hidden by her long green bangs, though her hair was short.

[Author's note: Darn, I wonder who they are?]

Metal leaped up at Orion, kicking him in the stomach. With a loud oof, he went sprawling to the ground, the crystal in his hand flying out. Wood easily caught it.

"Demon!" Orion gasped out, catching his breath.

"Yes," it said in its annoyingly high pitched voice. It threw out its claws once again, its claws being its only form of offense.

"Wood Leaf Fall!" Wood shouted, a whirlwind of leaves shooting out from her outstretched left hand to hit the Demon.

"Metal Ore Meltation!" Metal hollered, a bright shot of liquid metal pouring over the Demon to destroy it.

It screamed as it disintegrated. The diamond shape from its forehead fell to the ground, shattering before disappearing.

The net around the Senshi disappeared. Sailor Moon, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury went to the innocent girl on the street, whose skin was as blue as her hair.

"She's dying!" Mercury said, horrified. "Did that crystal have anything to do with this?"

"Gee, Mercury, you think?" Uranus asked caustically, rubbing her stomach. She looked at the Elemental Senshi, who had the crystal.

Wood gave the Wakusei Crystal to Metal, who studied it with an intense look on her face.

"What are you doing?" Mars demanded angrily. "Give that back! That girl needs it!"

The Elemental Senshi pointedly ignored her.

"It's not it," Metal said finally.

"Shimatta!" Wood muttered at the other's words.

Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus moved closer to them.

"Give the girl her crystal!" Jupiter snapped, her antenna coming out from her tiara, fizzing with electricity. "Or we'll take it from you!"

Metal stood up, gave her a look over, and smirked. "I doubt it. But we don't need it. Take your precious crystal."

Her green haired friend took the crystal from Metal and tossed it at Sailormoon. "She'd be better off dead anyway," she said.

With that cold remark, Wood and Metal turned and walked away as Sailormoon held the crystal in front of the girl. The Wakusei Crystal reentered her, and she started breathing again.

"Where'd Orion go?" Venus said suddenly. She looked around, seeing no one. The street was empty, no trace of the strange man to be found.

"Shimatta, he got away," Uranus said, punching her fist into her left hand.

"What was he after?" Neptune mused aloud. "Orion said the Celestial Crystal... And those Elemental Senshi were after it too... But they weren't Sailor Senshi..."

"If they weren't Sailor Senshi," Moon asked in a quiet voice, "who were they?"

"That's a good question, Princess," Saturn said, glancing at the sky. "We have found our two new forces... Now we need to know what they want."

"We have met our adversaries," Orion said to Andromeda. "Apparently the Sailor Senshi are not alone. These... Elemental Senshi appeared from nowhere."

"I see," Andromeda said, as she poured a liquid into a test tube carefully, her face a picture of concentration. "Well, we'll just have to deal with them, won't we?" "And Orion..." Andromeda set the test tube in a test rack and turned around, her red eyes glowing. "You will do better next time, won't you? I wouldn't want to have to... replace you with Quasar-san, would I?"

"I'll do better!" Orion said quickly, feeling nervous at the threat. "I'll improve my Demons before I go searching for another crystal, Andromeda-san."

"Good... I have no qualms whatsoever about having you removed..."

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