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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon series are characters of my owncreation and is under Kohaku Fujinís copyright.

Chapter 2: Kogeki (Attack)
By: Kohaku Fujin

Running towards Tenth Hill Park, her thin lace-up sandals slapping against the blackened pavement, Allannah knew that her time was fastly running out. She would have to push her newly acquired friends into transforming in front of her. She would have preferred to analyze her situation better but Shadow Mace would not give her the sufficient amount of time to do so. His arrival was imminent, her Queen did not have the strength nor the power to send her too far back in time.

Entering the south-side entrance to the park, she ran down a pebbled path shadowed by dusky shrubs and vibrant late-blooming flowers. The air was fresh and smelled of the sun-kissed, fragrant trees. Breezy air swept by Allannahís flushed face in thick, warm caresses. Allannah let her long; slender legs carry her around the pathís bends, as she scanned the surrounding grassy banks for Usagi and her companions.

Focusing on a group of girls sitting on a red and white checkered blanket on a nearby embankment, she changed course to race up the steep hill. Seeing that Usagi, Ami, and Mako were three of the five smiling females, she slowed down and stopped. Panting slightly, her hands on her bent knees as she inhaled deep breaths of flower scented air, she took a quick look at the other two young girls. The second closest to her was extremely pretty, with long flowing black hair that reached nearly to her bottom. Her dark purple eyes were almost an obsidian black, with an almost haunted look about them. Her frame was rather thin, but she was curved proportionately in all the right places. This had to be Rei, for she was the only original Senshi that had black hair, and was giving off a sense of physic power that seemed to radiate from her stance. Allannah dampened her own power further just in case the girl could sense anything emitting from her. She glanced at the other girl as her erratic breathing slowed down. This girl was also pretty, with all the classic looks of a blonde. Her hair reached to the back of her knees and the sides were pulled back into a ridiculously large red bow. Her large blue eyes were bright with curiosity; one would automatically classify her as a regular ditzy blonde from far away, but up close, you could see the knowledge and responsibility in their colorful depths.

"Gomen (sorry) Iím late," Smiling at everyone, her eyes on Usagi, Allannah said breathlessly.

"Sheís as bad as Usagi," Rei announced her eyebrows arched downwards, her tone of disapproval made quite clear.

"Rei-chan, that is a horrible thing to say! After all she hasnít been here long enough to know the area well," Mako adomished as Usagi stuck out her tongue in Reiís direction.

"Yes Rei, an apology would be advisable, not to mention a proper introduction before an insult is giving," Ami spoke, as she set down her ever present book, her blue eyes blinked in the bright light. Usagi nodded her head somberly, as Reiís eyes lost all trace of irritation.

"Excuse my harshness Allannah, I have heard nothing but whining from Usagi for the last hour and I took out my irritation on you. Forgive me, my name is Rei Hino," Rei said, smiling, although the smile didnít quite reach her dark eyes.

"Hi, my name is Minako Aino, but you can call me Mina! Do you play volleyball?" Mina rushed forward to grab Allannahís hand and shook it vigorously. Her eyes shining with expectant hope.

"Yes I do, it happens to be one of my favorite sports. I take it you play as well?"

"Yes, Yes! Come sit down, tell us more about yourself!" Pulling Allannah towards the blanket, she gestured with her other hand a vacant spot next to her own. Sitting down, Allannah settled herself. She was slightly taken aback by Minaís open acceptance

She smiled as she saw Mako roll her eyes as if to say, What can you do but accept? Usagi grinned and nodded her head in agreement.

"What would you like to know?"

"Anything, everything," Usagi exclaimed, cutting off Mina. "How old are you? What do you like? Do you have family? Why did you move here?" Usagi ticked off the questions on her fingers as she asked them.

"Easy enough questions. Iím sixteen and my birthday is September 28th before you add that to your list of questions. I love sports, volleyball being one of my favorites as I mentioned earlier. Reading is one of my past times, everything but those mushy love stories, they drive me insane. I have a father and a sister. And I moved here because Iím searching for someone. Did I answer everything so far?"

"You said "I" moved here instead of "we", where are your father and sister?" Rei asked, her ears picking up on the slight infliction in Allannahís voice.

Allannah turned her face away for a brief moment, frowning. Taking in a deep breath she willed her body to relax, as she thought of an easy way to answer. Looking back at Rei, her eyes filled with hurt and rejection, she spoke softly but bitterly. "To me...they no longer exist. They are dead to my heart, please do not ever ask about them again."

"I...Iím sorry. I shouldnít have..." Rei stumbled for the words, her air of arrogance stripped away.

"Itís alright. You didnít know. There is no need for you to apologize or feel uncomfortable."

"Who are you looking for? Perhaps we can be of some assistance?" Ami questioned, hoping to break the uncomfortable mood that still remained.

"I am searching for the Silver Star, she is why I have come here to Tokyo," Allannah watched as Usagiís eyes widened and her face turn pale, as the others shifted uncomfortably on the blanket. Perhaps now would be a good time to tell them, Allannah thought as she watched Rei and Mako shift closer to Usagi, their eyes narrowing on her.

Usagi laughed, painting a bright smile on her face as she searched Allannahís eyes. "The Silver Star? That is a strange name for a girl, donít you think? Why would you be looking for a girl with such a weird name?" Usagiís mask of calmness was breaking to the point of eerie, and even Ami had taken a rigid position near her.

Just as she was about to answer, Allannah looked around suspiciously. "Hey, Donít you guys think itís kind of quiet?" she asked, seeing no other people in the now empty park. Sensing a familiar, disturbing amount of negative energy, she knew what was about to happen and could not do anything to prevent. Watching the other girls glance uneasily at each other, she also knew what was going through their minds. How would they transform with her here? But she wasnít about to run away and hide in fright. She was going to stay right here at the front lines to witness them transform. She might also need to lend a hand because there was a slight chance that they wouldnít be able to defeat what was coming.

Every bird in the surrounding area had stopped singing their sweet melodies; the park had somehow begun to darken ominously. All six girls stood up and scanned the hushed park, looking for the source of uneasiness. Suddenly, a high hissing laughter could be heard, but Allannah could not identify the location of the familiar sound. It was if the voice itself was floating around them. The sky darkened over the park casting shadows over the girls and blurring their vision. A slight motion caught the corner of Allannahís eye as she started to turn towards the girls. Seeing Shadow Mace, himself, materialize a few feet behind Usagi with a deadly gleam in his demonic eyes she had a split second to take action.

"Usagi!" Allannah screamed, leaping towards her, she knocked her over and out of the way of Shadow Maces charge. Usagi tumbled to the ground and rolled down the embankment, her long blonde hair wrapping around her body as she went.

Enraged with his loss, Shadow Mace grabbed Allannahís slim neck and began to squeeze it tightly. Allannah clawed at his gruesome disfigured hands and tried to pry his fingers loose from her throat. His grip was like steel and was not loosening and she was running out of oxygen. Things were starting to go black; she could feel herself slipping into a deep oblivion as spots appeared in front of her tearing eyes.

"Moon Crystal Power, Make-up!"

"Mars Star Power, Make-up!"

"Mercury Star Power, Make-up!"

"Jupiter Star Power, Make-up!"

"Venus Star Power, Make-up!"

Allannah barely heard those words shouted as she fought to hold onto consciousness. She had to know...

"Youma! Let her go! How dare you interrupt our fun on such a lovely day and hurt my friend. I am the Sailor Senshi of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, Iíll Punish You!" Sailor Moon exclaimed.

Shadow Mace released Allannah, letting her crumple to the ground, facing away from the Senshi, gasping for labored breaths. He sneered at Sailor Moon. "Punish me?" he queried. "You can sure as Hell go ahead and try."

Sailor Jupiter and Mars both stepped forward, glaring at him with determined filled eyes. "Weíll make you eat those word! Right Mars!" Sailor Jupiter growled.

Sailor Mars nodded in fierce agreement. "Burning... Mandala!" triangles of burning fire flew from Sailor Marsís clasped hands.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" a massive bolt of electricity was thrown from Sailor Jupiterís gloved hands. The attacks were aimed directly at Shadow Maceís chest. He didnít even bother moving, instead he put up his hand, palm facing outward. Both attacks were absorbed into his palm, without neither a flinch nor a batted eyelash from him. All five Senshi gasped in unison, while Shadow Mace smirked in pleasure.

"You were saying?" Shadow Mace gloated.

"Iíll take care of him," Sailor Moon stepped forward. "Moon Princess Halation!" She screamed, pointing her Moon Rod at him. Pink strands of light followed by golden crescent moons shot out directly at Shadow Mace. Still unmoving, He lifted his hand above his head, activating a small, black force field that wrapped around his body. The attack bounced harmlessly against the encasement, earning Sailor Moon nothing more that a small grunt from the demon. Crying out in frustration, Sailor Moon tried again and received the same effects.

"You canít kill me. You canít even harm me!" Shadow Mace mocked jubilantly.

"They may not be able to, but I can," came a soft whisper from Allannah as she stared up at him, her green eyes darkening. A faint pale yellow symbol gleaming on her forehead.

Shadow Mace was the only one to hear the soft remark and see the symbol as he peered down at what he had thought was just a normal girl. He blinked a few times, his face contorting into a mixture of disbelief and hatred as he recognized her. "You!" he snarled, stepping towards her. Pausing, he thought about his limited options and decided on a temporary retreat. He looked at the confused Senshi. "Iíll be back for you all," he promised. Flicking his wrist, he disappeared, leaving the Sailor Senshi bewildered as to what had just happened.

Allannah gave a sigh of relief as Shadow Mace vanished. She did not want to reveal herself just yet with a confrontation with him now. Closing her eyes, she willed her symbol to fade from her forehead as she slowly turned towards the Senshi. They had not taken leave yet, instead they were all there staring at her in confusion. She had to decide whether or not to play dumb as to whom they were. Deciding stupidity did not suit her, Blinking her eyes; she looked at Sailor Moon, feigning disbelief. "Usagi," she queried, "is that you?"

Sailor Moon stepped forward, clasping her hands together, chewing on her bottom lip thoughtfully. It was obvious Allannah recognized her and possibly the others as well, she couldnít lie to her so the only decision was to tell her the truth and hope she would keep their secret. Besides she needed to know why Allannah was searching for the Silver Star. Powering down, her Sailor fuku fading to be replaced by her pink jumpsuit once more, she moved to kneel in front of Allannah. "Yes, Allannah, itís me. Iím not sure how you can recognize me...but you must keep this a secret. No one knows my identity," Allannah nodded her compliance to the simple request, glad that Sailor Moon had not tried to deny her true self.

Sailor Mercury also stepped forwards and crouched down before Allannah. Grasping her chin lightly, she raised Allannahís head up to examine her neck. Seeing the bruises start to fade away she frowned and activated her visor to check further. "Amazing, The output of strength he used on you should have crushed your wind pipe, or at the very least left some damage to you... but the only thing I can see are a few simple bruises...and even those are healing at a astronomical rate," Sailor Mercury frowned further as her visor finished itís scan, reporting no damage.

Allannah blinked. "I heal quickly, I always have since I was a child," she looked at Sailor Mercury, fishing for a sufficient excuse to change topics. "Ami?"

Sailor Mercury stared at Allannah for moment. "Yes," she powered down, nodding.

Sailor Mars stepped forward, her face twisted in worry. "Are you alright? You look a little shooken."

"Yes, I believe so. Just caught off guard," Allannah smiled as Usagi and Ami helped her up, brushing off her green dress.

"Allannah, thank you. If you hadnít of pushed me out of the way..." Usagi shuddered.

"Itís okay, it was my duty," Allannah blanched at her slip.

"Your duty?" Sailor Jupiter queried, powering down to reveal Mako, her eyes still narrowed on Allannah.

" duty as a friend. I think of you all as my friends now, and to me that means I take care of you," Allannah substituted hurriedly. Usagi smiled, seeming to accept that answer but Allannah could tell that Mako didnít buy all of it.

"What did that...thing mean when it said "You". Does it know you?" Mina asked, already detransformed from Sailor Venus.

"I donít know Mina. Perhaps he had me confused with someone else," it was partly true; Shadow Mace knew her other self, but not this form, not since she was younger and she had changed so much since then. She had to get out of there before they asked further questions, that she didnít want to answer just yet. Searching for an escape, she glanced at her watch. Ahh found one... "Oh no! Look at the time! I have to go. See you all later. Be careful!" she brushed past Ami, waving goodbye. Breaking into a run, she ran for the nearest exit of the park, leaving the girls to stare after her curiously.

Ami stepped forward, placing her hand on Usagiís shoulder. "What do you think," she asked, her tone slightly dampened with worry.

Usagi shrugged turning towards her friends, her vibrant blue eyes darkening in serious thought. "I donít know Ami, I really donít know."

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