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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon series are characters of my own creation and is under Kohaku Fujinís copyright.

Chapter 3: Hon Hi me Taoremusu! (The Princess Collapses!)

By: Kohaku Fujin

Walking towards her empty, solitary apartment, Allannah paid no attention to her surroundings nor the pedestrians that shook their heads in irritation as they stepped around her indirect path. Her mind was far away in another time and place, where brightness shown only during a full moon and smiles were dimmer than a cloudy gray sky. Her world was so different than the one she had stepped into. The sun shined, the trees grew, and for the most part, people were happy. If it werenít for her love of her home and the friends she had there, she might be quite content to live in this welcoming land. She was so preoccupied with her warring thoughts that she hadnít noticed a young man step out from a small shop and into her path. Blindly, she smacked into him, falling backwards when her forward progress could go no further. Strong arms shot out to grasp her before her body could hit the sidewalk. Pulling her forward, the man did not let her go, but stood there holding her against his hard chest while she surfaced back to reality. Feeling the strong, sinewy arms, Allannah inhaled a small breath, quivering as she looked up.

"Usui?" She whispered, her heart slamming inside her chest. Her feathered bangs blocked her view of the face before her. She reached a tentative hand up to touch his cheek but was cut short of her intent as his own warm hand caught her own.

"No, sorry to disappoint you," came a low masculine voice as Allannah hastily pulled back her hand to curl it against her still pounding heart. Taking her other hand, she brushed back her bangs, assessing the man that had invaded her longing thoughts. He was incredibly tall, with soft dark blue eyes that held a slight glint of danger to them. His hair was short, thick and black with blue highlights that glimmered with his movements. He was incredibly lean, but very well toned and muscled. His handsomeness was almost overpowering

"I...," Allannah almost got out an apology when the shopís door slammed open.

"Mamoru! What is the meaning of this?" came a harsh tone laden with jealousy.

"Usako. Nothing at all," came a hasty reply from the young man as he swiftly let go of Allannah and took a step back. Peeking around what she know knew as Mamoru, Allannah looked for the familiar voice. Usagi marched forward, possessively wrapping her arms around Mamoruís side; she glared at Allannah, only to turn her look into astonishment.

"Allannah," Usagi exclaimed, relaxing her grip on the young man slightly, but not by much.

"Konnichi Wa (Good Afternoon) Usagi," Allannah nodded, smiling in mild amusement as she noticed the relieved look on Mamoruís face.

"We didnít see you at lunch today, where were you?" Usagi asked, her blue eyes filled with hurt.

"I had some things to do and time for lunch just wasnít available. Are you going to introduce me?" Allannah motioned towards Mamoru, turning the subject away from where she had really been, hoping for a clean get away. Usagi smiled in delight, but Allannah could see that Mamoru wasnít as easily fooled by her rapid change in subject.

"Of course! Allannah this is my boyfriend, Mamoru. Mamoru, this is my new friend, Allannah, from school that I was telling you about. Usagi chattered away while both Allannah and Mamoru nodded, subjecting each other to another scrutinized inspection. It looked like he was about to question her when terrified screams from a few blocks away could be heard, causing everyone to freeze. Quickly looking up at Mamoru, Usagi gave a curt nod as she turned to race towards the sounds. Moving to follow her, Allannah was stopped short by Mamoruís hand grasping her arm tightly.

"Wait," when he could no longer see Usagi he turned his blue eyes down to her, "Stay here, it will be safer. Your help would not be useful to us. I need to protect my princess," were the only words that parted from his lips even though it looked like he wanted to say more as he too took off down the sidewalk.

Princess? Her thoughts froze on that one single word. Could it possibly be? Thinking back, she realized that only Sailor Moon had been in danger that day in the park. Looking more closely on her hazy thoughts, she also realized that her Queen was the exact replica of Usagi. The hair was a different color as were the eyes, but the mannerisms and facial features were an exact copy. It seemed that Shadow Mace was one up on her again. She had found her objective and what was she doing? Standing around in the middle of downtown when Usagi could very well be in mortal danger. Stay Put? She thought of Mamoruís orders as she set off down a dank alleyway.

"Like Hell I will." she muttered to herself as she found a stairwell leading to the top of the buildings roof.

Sailor Moon dodged yet another bolt of dark lightning as she looked for an opening to attack the monster but so far it had not giving her a single chance to retaliate. She had only been battling it for a few minutes but she was already bruised and scraped repeatedly from numerous close collisions. Her large frantic blue eyes searched for a weak area though the monster showed no signs of tiring. How she wished Sailor Mercury were here with her visor to help out. Sensing Tuxedo Kamen was nearby, she knew her solitary fighting would soon end and that he would be there if she was in any immediate danger. The monster she faced was no worse than the rest she had encountered in past experiences. It stood tall, around eight feet and covered head to foot in shaggy black mussed fur. No discernible facial features could be seen, save for two glowing red orbs protruding from its body. As far as she could tell, its intelligence was low, for it stood in one place without moving and sent bolt after bolt of unchanging negative energy at her. Pausing to catch her breath as she scrambled out of the path of another bolt, she knew she couldnít run around in circles forever. She needed help. She had called for backup when she had arrived on the scene, and had only received a response from Mako who was on the other side of the downtown area. She would have to do this on her own without her friends. The monster threw another bolt of energy, catching her off guard and slamming her into a nearby fenced tree. Wincing, she realized her only chance was to strike as soon as it threw another bolt at her. Without hesitation, the monster threw one as if reading her thoughts. Somersaulting to her left, she withdrew her moon rod and aimed it at the monster and screamed, "Moon Princess Halation!"

What happened next shocked Sailor Moon for she never expected it. The monster sped sideways, moving for the first time, dodging her attack as if this was what it had been waiting for all along, while throwing a massive ball of electricity at her. All Sailor Moon could do was kneel there and watch it come, for she had no time to move, it was so fast. The blast caught her squarely in the chest, knocking her back off her knees and slamming her into the ground several feet back. The last thing she heard as the darkness enveloped her was an anguished cry of, "Usako!" Her mind sank thankfully into the painless void, while her heart cried out in pain. Mamoru why didnít you save me? She thought, as her world collapsed.

Wide eyed, she stared at the scene below her with tears streaking down her cheeks. Her brillant fuku blew silently in the breeze as she watched a caped figure run towards the fallen princess. The man gathered the girl in his arms and shook her gently, but the girl did not move. Her eyes trailed towards the monster, watching as it moved forward to finish its task. Knowing what she must do, she took in all the open options she had and discarded all but one. She thought she might have a good chance with her decision. This area was no place for a fight; she had to get that monster away, without harming any of the towns inhabitants. Crouching low to the ground, she placed a gloved finger on the dirt-laden rooftop. Spinning on the balls of her booted feet, she traced a circle around herself as she whispered, "Illusional Enchantment," A ring of yellow light rose from where her finger had touched the ground. She slowly rose, turning in a circle as she went, her arms folded at her sides, the light gathering in brightness as it moved up her body starting at her white boots and ending at the top of her tiered head. The light died down and she looked at what was once her fuku. A black uniform had taking its place; her features now took on a deathly looking paleness. Raising a hand for inspection, she looked over the rough skin, grimacing at the texture. Where once stood a feminine body, there was now a muscled sculpture of a male. Leaping from the roof, she landed between Tuxedo Kamen who was still attempting to wake the princess and the advancing monster.

The monster grinned in delightment as it lumbered forward. It was pleased with itself for the job it had done. Its master would be pleased as well. It had no doubts that it could finish off the princess and the caped man who was trying to revive her. It saw the anguished look in the manís eyes as he turned towards the monster, a red rose in his white-gloved hand. Raising its twisted paw to finish the job, it was cut short by a figure landing in its path.

"Lanser Demon. What did I tell you? I command thee to return to thine own time immediately," the figure growled out. Confusion swarmed the monsters head as it looked at Shadow Mace.

"Master?" the monster girgled. The voice sounded oddly female to it, though it looked every bit like its master.

"Need I send you back my own way?" came the annoyed response as the figure raised its hand. The monster attempted a hasty inhuman bow, slowly disappearing backwards into a dark hole that appeared, not wanting to be sent back in pieces as was the masters way. The dark figure turned around to see a hesitant fierce look in Tuxedo Kamens eyes, as he still held aloft a red rose.

"Is the princess all right?" the voice changed to a soft, questioning tone that was purely female. The figure stepped forward slowly, hands clasped together tightly, about to kneel before him and Sailor Moon when a huge sound interrupted its movement.

Sailor Jupiter ran down the street her communicator homing in on Sailor Moonís signal. Her own senses reaching out for the familiar warmth of Usagiís touch and found nothing but emptiness. Her worry escalated as she drew nearer and heard no sounds of battle. Picking up her pace, she sped around a corner, only to stop short when her eyes landed upon Tuxedo Kamen and his ever present red rose, then onto a crumpled heap gathered in his arms. Her green eyes darkened in rage, as she realized whom that heap was. Locking her eyes on what she thought was the enemy she attacked with a vengeance.

"I call upon my planet, Jupiter, for supreme power to punish this evil!" "Supreme Thunder!" screaming she directed her attack while she continued forward towards her fallen friend. Both Tuxedo Kamen and the dark figure heard her scream. Wide eyed, Tuxedo Kamen opened his mouth to halt the attack but it was too late. The electricity slammed into the dark figure, crushing it to the ground. Sliding to a stop in front of Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter stood in combat stance as the figure picked itself up from the ground. Holding its side, the figure of a man started to fade in and out and soon vanished, leaving in its place a young female, her outfit making both Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Jupiter gasp.

"That was exceptional Sailor Jupiter. But please do not ever try that again. Next time I will retaliate," the girl winced as she stepped back. "It would be wiser to learn who your enemy is and who your friend is before attacking. Sayonara," the girl disappeared down a alleyway a few steps beyond.

"Who..." Sailor Jupiter asked, still unbelieving of what she just saw. Turning she saw the same stupefied expression on Tuxedo Kamenís face.

"I don't know. But she emitted a great sense of powerful energy. You shouldnít have attacked her; she stopped a monster from finishing us off. The monster mistook her for its master. Seems she has the power of illusion."

"Yeah...well, I saw Sailor Moon down and after that I just saw red. He, she, or whoever that was was there, so I just assumed it was the one that attacked. By the way, how is she?" Peering down at Sailor Moon she frowned when she saw no movement.

"Sheís alive. I think we should get her home to rest. We had better call the others and tell them what just happened." Gathering Sailor Moon into his arms, he rose from the ground and set off towards the Jubaan district.

"Right, but I donít think theyíll believe us, Mamoru." Both were unaware that they were being watched as they headed towards Usagiís home.

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