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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon, the Sailor Senshi, and all terms associated with the series are copyrighted and owned by Naoko Takeughi, their creator. The new Star Senshi, villains, and all other characters not known to the original Sailor Moon series are characters of my own creation and is under the Kohaku Fujinís copyright.

Chapter 5: Allannah's himitsu (Allannah's secret)
By: Kohaku Fujin

Golden rays of light poured into the room, extinguishing every shadow that remained hidden from the earlier dawn. The warm sunshine created a bright patchwork quilt upon Usagiís tousled pink sheets. Yawning, Usagi stretched her arms up and above her head only to wince in pain as her muscles protested the sudden movement. Trying not to move her head, she blinked open her foggy lids and searched through the corner of her eyes for the familiar shape of Luna.

"Luna?" Usagi questioned softly, receiving nothing but silence.

Her head ached miserably and her whole body throbbed, but she forced herself to sit up. Sliding her feet off the bed, she pushed away the damp covers, her only thoughts were to find someone, even her disgusting younger brother, Shingo. Grabbing hold of the bedís edge she lifted herself wobbly to her feet. Grimacing, Usagi straightened, taking a step forward towards her bedroom door which seemed to loom miles away. Hearing footsteps outside her door, she paused, opening her mouth to call out, but found no sound forth coming. Just as Ami opened the door, and met Usagiís eyes, Usagi moaned, crumpling to the floor.

"Usagi!" Ami rushed in, setting down the tray that she had carried in with her. Checking Usagiís pulse, she was rewarded with a faint yet steady beat.

"Well?" Luna queried, her dark cat face scrunched in concern, her tail twitching worriedly as she followed Ami into the room.

"Just a fainting spell. Sheís fine."

"Good. For a moment I thought she might have collapsed back into her mind. The jolt she gave me this morning was an extremely powerful output for her to be exerting. We might as well call the others, they will want to be here when she does reawaken again."

"Of course Luna. I will start calling everyone right now," Ami moved towards the phone and began dialing numbers.

"Usagi? Usagi-chan?" A warm palm was placed upon her forehead; with it came a sense of worry mixed with hopefulness. Recognizing the voice as belonging to Rei, Usagi struggled to open her heavy eyes. Pushing away the haze that clouded her mind, Usagi surfaced back, her eyes once again reopening to her room.

"I am back," she stated softly as she gazed about her room. The window was open and the warm breeze playfully blew the curtains around the windowsill. All four of her friends were there, gathered about her bed with worried looks upon their faces.

"Yes, weíre all glad, too. You had us worried," Rei said, her composure of aloofness once again nowhere to be seen. She had always had a soft spot for Usagi, though she tried to hide it as best she could, preferring to feign a darker side of dislike and criticism to push Usagi into bettering herself. For now, she was content to let the others see the softer, caring side of herself.

"Gomen (Sorry)," Usagi whispered, "How long have I been gone?"

"Youíve been out less than forty-eight hours. But Usagi, youíve been here this whole time," Ami answered, her intelligent blue eyes marring in concern.

"No I wasnít. I was home."

"You arenít making sense Usagi. You are home, youíve been here since after the attack," Mako looked at her worriedly.

"No, I was on the moon. In my motherís Silver Palace." All four girls including Luna, looked at Usagi questionably. "Itís hard to explain, but that is where I was. The Star of Dreams was there, too. She helped me."

The Star of Dreams?" Mina asked, leaning forward against the bed.

"Who is that?" this from Mako.

"I donít really know, but she said she came at the request of the Star of Justice. She pushed me into returning. If it wasnít for her I would still be back on the moon." Pushing herself up into a sitting position, Usagi cringed as her brain slammed against her skull. Geez...that monster did a real number on me.

"Perhaps she has something to do with the new Senshi?" Ami wondered aloud.

"What new Senshi?" Usagiís pain was momentarily forgotten as she turned her head to Ami.

"Tuxedo Kamen was saved by a new Senshi after you were hit, and Mako attacked her when she arrived thinking that the Senshi was the one who had attacked you."

"Could it have been one of the Outer Senshi?" Usagi questioned thoughtfully.

"No, it was definitely not one of them," Mako answered her face slightly pinkend, recalling the Senshiís words. If it had been one of the Outers they would have retaliated against me for such a foolish mistake as to attack them. Makoís face darkened as she also recalled her first encounters with Uranus and Neptune, they were not happy memories for her.

Turning back towards Mako, Usagi pursued further. "Mako, are you sure?"

Snapping out of her angered thoughts, Mako looked up at Usagi her face blank for a second, sensing the others waiting for her assurance she answered. "Yes, both Mamoru and I. Her fuku (uniform) was different from ours, there was no back bow and the colors were reversed, but she was unmistakably a Sailor Senshi."

"Do we know who she is?" Usagi asked in general to all four girls.

"No, all we know so far is that she has the power of illusion and from what Mamoru and Mako sensed, a great deal of energy, more so than us or the Outers excluding you, of course, Usagi. Luna and Artemis do not recall any more Senshi from the past and can find nothing in their computer banks that would clue us in to who she may be. At this moment, Artemis is out searching for her," Ami spoke as she gazed out the window, her own brain going through all the possibilities.

Usagi sighed, her thoughts whirling around in confused circles. So much was happening in such a little amount of time that she didnít think it would be possible for her to keep up. Her belief that something bad was going to happen in the near future dampened her spirits further. Her need to tell her friends overrode her senses and she found herself speaking before actually thinking through what she wanted to say. "I feel something bad is about to happen and that it involves Chibiusa." Usagi quivered, wrapping her shivering arms around herself although the sunlight was keeping the room warm.

"Chibiusa? Why do you think that?" Rei asked, her eyes picking up on Usagiís telltale distress.

"She is part of the reason I returned. The Star of Dreams told me that if I did not return lives would be lost or not created. I then thought of Chibiusa and I found the power to come back."

The ringing of the phone ceased any further questions from the girls. Usagi reached for the handle.

"Hello? Mamoru! Yes, yes Iím fine. Right now? Of course! Iíll meet you there. Bye!" Usagi blushed as she hung up the phone, looking up to find four knowing looks from her friends as they all stood and began moving towards the door.

"Take it easy Usagi-chan. Make sure you take your communicator with you so that you can reach us," Mako advised as she closed the door behind herself and the others.

Usagi grinned as she slowly stood up and reached for a pile of clothing, her pain forgotten at the prospect of seeing her beloved.

Standing in front of a shop window, Allannah saw the passing figure of Mako rushing by. Turning she followed her, watching the young brunette trudge on, heedless of her direction. Their general direction was heading them for a busy crosswalk with the "Donít walk" sign blatantly blinking red. Seeing Mako begin walking into the street she jumped forward grabbing Makoís arm and yanking back harshly.

Spinning about, Mako raised her free arm to unhand the assailant when her eyes fell upon Allannah. "Allannah!"

Pointing to the speeding traffic, Allannah spoke, "You werenít paying attention. Is something bothering you? You are usually so alert to your surroundings." "Worried of what?"

"Usagi is awake, although I do not think she should be out of bed just yet,"

"Usagi is awake?" Seeing Mako nod her head affirmatively, she pushed further. "Out of bed? Where is she now?"

"She left a little while ago to meet Mamoru in the Jubaan Park."

"Sheís outside! With no one with her?!"

"Mamoru is wi...," Mako trailed off as Allannah turned and took off down the street towards the park, her sense of urgency putting Mako into further worry. "Allannah wait!" Running after her, Mako began to wonder if it was indeed a foolish idea to have let Usagi go out so soon after awakening from such an attack.

Glancing back, Allannah saw Mako attempting to catch up to her, her anger swelled at the girlís stupidity. "Fool! How could you let her go after what happened! Youíre supposed to protect her!" she yelled, letting the wind carry her words back to Mako, her speed increasing with each step.

Mako blanched, the words hitting her hard. She took her friendship with Usagi seriously and her job as Usagiís protector even more so. Who was this girl to challenge her this way?

"I canít lock her in her house can I?"

"You can follow her!"

Mako shook her head in confusion. Why was she having this argument with Allannah? It made no sense coming from her, although something nagged at the back of her mind trying to tell her that something wasnít as it seemed. She just didnít have time to stop and think about it.

Reaching the front gates of the park, the earth beneath them began to rumble in protest as a battle was taking place near the center of the park.

"Mako henshin yo (Transform)!" Allannah shot back to Mako as she located Sailor Moon hiding behind a tree. Tuxedo Kamen was nearby, ineffectively fighting a youma who was obviously the stronger of the two. Giving a quick scan towards the monster, Allannah gladly noticed that this youma was not a Lanser Demon like the one from before, but that its qualities were just as deadly. Its shape was like a disfigured human's but its casing was that of metal. Allannah had seen many of these on the outskirts of the Kingdomís lands, always trying to break the shield casted by her Queen. When any ever did manage an entrance, she or one of the other guardians were there to destroy it.

"Jupiter Star Power...Make-up!" In a flash of green light, Sailor Jupiter skidded to a stop and stood before the youma her arms up and ready for an attack. "Sparkling Wide Pressure!" Tossing the attack at the youma, Sailor Jupiter gasped as the youma deflected it with one metalloid arm.

Perhaps something old, she thought. "Supreme Thunder Dragon!" Again the youma smacked Jupiterís dragon aside as if it were nothing more than a tiny lizard. Looks like itís going to be a hand to hand combat, Jupiter thought as she rushed forward.

Reaching Sailor Moonís side, Allannah kneeled down beside her. "Usagi? Are you all right?

Blurry eyed, Sailor Moon looked up. Sniffling she whined, "My attack didnít work!"

"Itís alright. Donít worry about it, we just need to worry about getting you out of here unharmed,"

"But..." Sailor Jupiterís scream of pain stopped her short as both she and Allannah turned to see Jupiter picked up and slammed down into the earth. Tuxedo Kamen was a few feet away much in the same position.

"Sailor Jupiter! Tuxedo Kamen!" Sailor Moon jumped up and stepped forward, her feet going no farther as Allannah pushed her arm in front of her, blocking Sailor Moon's path as she too stood.

"You canít do anything for them. You are what is important now. Leave them," Allannah interjected.

"I donít care! I have to at least try. Friends donít leave friends!" Sailor Moon pushed aside Allannahís arm, and ran towards Sailor Jupiter.

Grimacing, Allannah watched as Sailor Moon attempted to attack the youma. Iíve had enough of this! Orders be damned!

Stepping out from beneath the tree, she yelled at the youma, "Kaiju, go back to your own time!"

"Allannah No!" Sailor Moon shouted, watching in horror as the youma turned towards the sound of Allannahís voice.

"If you wish to kill someone, than try me!" Grinning Allannah beckoned the youma to her. Placing her hands in front of herself she cupped them together, closing her eyes.

Sailor Moon stood up, her mouth opening, preparing to scream another attack but the chance never came for her.

"Libra Celestial Power!" Allannah screamed, her green, silver flecked eyes opening. The zodiac sign of Libra appeared in her cupped hands. Raising her hands above her, the symbol changed into a glowing orb of brilliant golden light. Streamers of shimmering gold and white stars flowed from the sphere, spinning around her now naked body. Wrapping themselves around her arms they formed into golden gloves with white puffed ribbing. Next the boots followed suit, appearing slightly heeled, encasing her legs in white, a golden stripe lining the top. Bringing her arms down, the orb followed her movements, enlarging itself as it enveloped over her body, creating a golden bodysuit. The orb disappeared into the ground as it reached her feet and reappeared as a smaller version of itself in her right palm. A white gauze of ribbon spinned from the sphere creating a front bow to her chest, a circular blue sapphire appearing at its center. Another ribbon of white gauze spun from the sphere, encircling her waist, thickening as it formed into a skirt. A thin golden stripe appeared at the bottom hem of her skirt as she twirled. A ribbon of golden stars wrapped themselves about her neck to form a golden choker. The orb finished its task by taking the shape of a white tiara, lined in gold and centered with the etched symbol of Libra, floating away from her right palm to rest upon her forehead.

Her transformation complete, she stood, her feet placed inches apart and her hands upon her hips.

"I am the Hoshi Senshi of Light and Justice! In the name of the shining stars that house the dreams of innocent souls, I will vanquish you!"

The youma stopped in place, uncertain of how to proceed. The expression on both it and Sailor Moon's faces was quite comical but Libra did not laugh. Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Kamen were both slowly sitting up, their hands rubbing the various bruised body parts upon themselves. Their eyes had widened as they recognized the new Senshi as the one they had met days ago.

Out of nowhere, an ominous voice spoke, its words more a threat than a command, "Ignore the girl, she is of no concern to us. Return to your task."

The youma cast one last look at the new arrival and dismissed her, turning back towards Sailor Moon.

"I'm not that easy to ignore!" Jumping into the air, Libra managed a simple aerial flip with a twist, landing herself between Sailor Moon and the youma. Facing the creature, her emerald eyes hardened. "I will not be dismissed so flippantly, especially from such a lowly creature as yourself."

Blinking her eyes, the silver flecks embedded in her emerald irises turned to liquid falling from her eyes like silver teardrops. Each drop turned into a miniature silver-blue star that began to swirl around her body in different directions. Her eyes, now a clear emerald green, glinted in the sunlight, her lips parting into a soft, dangerous smile. Raising her arms above her head, her fingers splayed out towards the sky she screamed, "Sapphire Star Burst!" as she threw her arms down to point at the youma, her wrists crossed and her hands now tightly fisted. In the process of her arm movements, all the stars gathered and swirled down the length of her gloved arms, each one bursting from her fists to collide with the youmaís body. Instead of leaving star shaped holes, they entered the body and burst from within, leaving nothing but silver-blue stardust.

As the wind gently blew away the remaining dust, Libra turned towards a disbelieving Sailor Moon. Letting a soft laugh escaped her lips, she cast a welcoming smile. Libra bowed formally.

"Greetings Princess Serenity, let me introduce myself properly." Dropping down to one knee, she bowed her head for a moment and returned her gaze to the astonished princess. "I am the Star of Justice."

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