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The Past
Chapter 1
By Minako Chan

Looking at the window of the airplane, thinking about her past. It's been two years now since Serina had been in Tokyo. She had left because Darien didn't love her anymore. A tear fell on her cheek as she remember her last conversation with him.

*Flash back*

"Darien," she said, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Serina, how many times to I have to tell you, I don't love you anymore!" he said, "I know it's hard for you but this is how I feel." At that moment, he turned around and started walking away from her.

"Darien, noooo...." she yelled has she felled on the ground, crying.

*End of flash back*

Shaking her head in the plane, she was wondering how she was going to managed now, knowing the truth...

Two months ago, at her apartment in New York in the middle of the night, she got a strange visitor. It was Sailor Pluto, guardian of time. Pluto was surprised to see how much she had change over the years. She seemed more mature and older now.

Serina was shock to she her here and she asked her how she found her. Pluto stopped thinking of how Serina looked and said that it wasn't important and that she needed to talk to here. Serina let her in and Pluto started. She told Serina that things weren't going good back home. The negaverse was up to something and that the sailor scouts aren't gonna be able to stop them without their leader, Sailormoon.

"But I can't go back Pluto." Serina said, "It's been too long and I have a life here." Serina thought about her two years in college, studying as an artist. She was just starting a new life here with new friends. She really didn't want to go back even if her new life wasn't the real reason.

"You must!" Pluto said, "It's your destiny".

Serina knew about her future. Crystal Tokyo, her daughter Rini, everything. But she also knew that the future will not be the same anymore.

"It's not my destiny anymore!" Serena cried out to Pluto, "Everything has changed. Darien and I will never be together and we will never rule Crystal Tokyo! NEVER!"

"Serina, Darien still loves you." Pluto said calmly.

Serina stared at Pluto and shook her head. "No, he doesn't, why do you say that?"

Pluto started, "When you left Tokyo, I sense that something was going on in the past so I went there. The sailor scouts were looking for you for days and I came back to help them. Few days after, the girls called a meeting and they asked Darien to come too. When he got to the temple, he told us that you had left because of him. He told us that he was having dreams about you and that they were telling him to stay away from you, for your own safety. He was devastated when he found out that you were gone and he never forgave himself for it."

Serina sat down and started to cry. "For my own safety!?" she scream, "He tore me apart! A part of me died that day." she whispered through her tears.

"Princess," Pluto said, "you must come back for the safety of our world. You must help the scouts with their new enemy."

Serina nodded. She understood why she had to go back, even if she wasn't ready.

The plane started to land in Tokyo. Ready, she thought on the plane. I will never be ready she whispered.

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