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The Past
Chapter 2 : Home Again
By Minako Chan

Raye was waiting for Serina at the airport. She had gotten a letter a few weeks ago from Serina, saying that she was coming back. She was so happy to know that her friend was doing alright and that she would be seeing her again. Raye looked at the letter and read it again.

Dear Raye,

I know that it's been a while since we talked and I'm sorry that I haven't done this before. I needed to start over again, far from Tokyo. I know you understand that. I will be returning soon and I hope I will be able to stay at your place for a while. I know about the negaverse, Pluto told me about it. It seems that we will have alot on our hands! What's new! I really can't wait to see you guys again. I hope that everyone is doing well. See you soon, your friend, Serina xxx

Hearing the number of the plane that Serina was suppose to be on, she headed for the gate to welcome her friend. She had told the girls about her arrival and everyone was waiting for her at the Temple. All but Darien she thought. I don't think that she would want to see him there, Raye said to herself. Beside, Raye didn't want him there either after what he did to her. She never forgave him for that.

Seeing everyone come out of the plane, she started looking for Serina. A few moments later, she saw her. Wow, she thought. She seems so different. Raye waved at Serina and smiled. Serina ran into Raye arms.

"Raye !!, she yelled, it's been so long!

"Too long said Raye who was hugging her friend. Let's go, everyone is waiting for you at the Temple."

Serina smiled as they walked out of the airport. Driving back to the Temple, they talked about everything ! How everyone was doing and what was new. Parking the car near the Temple, they started walking up the stairs. At the top, Serina saw her friends : Amy, Lita and Mina.

"Hi guys ! Serina said.

"Serina !!!" they yelled, running toward her.

"We missed you Serina," said Amy.

"Yeah and I hope that you are hungry, said Lita. I made a little snack for everyone !"

"Welcome back Serina!" said Mina with tears in her eyes.

Serina never felt so happy. She was home, with her friends. Tears fell down her cheeks as she was hugging everyone. Mina turned toward Raye and whispered that we had a problem. Raye looked at her, confused as she saw someone coming out of the temple. A man with dark brown hair and eyes was standing at the main door.

"Darien, Raye yelled furious. What is he doing here?"

"I'm sorry Raye, said Mina. He came here on his own. We didn't tell him anything".

Serina look at him shocked ! She knew that she would see him again but she never thought so soon. The pain was coming back. The pain of his last words.

"Serina, he stared. Please, you have to listen to me."

"No!" she yelled at him, furious.

"Serina, I can explain..."

"I know all about your dreams Darien," she said. "Sailor Pluto told me everything ! But time has passed since then and I have a new life now."

"Serina..." he said, "I love you..."

"Well I don't !!" she screamed, crying in pain.

She turned around and started running down the stairs. She could hear Darien calling her back but she didn't care. He left her once and she didn't want to go through that again. She couldn't. Halfway down the stairs, an arm grab her from behind.

"Serina, please," Darien started.

"Don't do this to me Darien", she cried out.

Not having a chance to reply, a loud noise was heard ! The sky was dark and it was starting to get cold.

"What was that ?" Serina said.

"Guys, said Amy running down with the other girls, it's the negaverse. Let's go !"

"Right," said Serina drying her tears. She looked at Darien and said: "Moon Crystal Power "

Darien pulled out a rose and the rest of the girls followed Serina :

" Mercury crystal power "

" Mars crystal power "

" Venus crystal power "

" Jupiter crystal power "

"Well well," a voice said. "Sailormoon, so good to see you again. I almost had you once, but this time, I will not fail".

Everyone looked at Sailormoon, confused. A man appared near them, blue hair and eyes. He was dressed in a white suit with a crescent black jewel on him. Sailormoon looked at him in fear.


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