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The Past
Chapter 3 : An Enemy Returns
By Minako Chan

"How nice of you to remember me my dear princess" the man said with a evil smile.

"Who is this creep" said Sailormars, looking at Sailormoon.

"Let me introduce myself" said the man. "I'm Antares, one of the last surviver of the negamoon family. I wonder into space for many years before I reach earth. Now that I'm here, I plan on finishing what the Wiseman started. And by doing that, I must destroy the one and only person who could stop me from doing so : Sailormoon".

"In your dreams pal!" said Jupiter. "You are gonna have to go through us first, right guys ?"


"That will not be a problem" said Antares as a stream of dark energy started to build up around him.

"Sailor scouts, look out....." scream hopelessly Sailormercury while the energy it them all with incredible power.

They fell to the grown, crying out in pain. "And now Sailormoon, you will be mine" laugh Antares while throwing another beam toward her. Sailormoon looked up, waiting for the beam to hit but I red rose stopped it on the spot.

"Tuxedo mask" Sailormoon whispered. Not noticing that the Sailor Scouts where back on there feet, Antares saw a beam of light striking him on his shoulder.

"Agrrr" he scream out of anger.

"Good work Venus" said Mars, "let's finish him off !"

"Mars celestrial fire suround"

"Shiny aqua illusion"

As there attacks combined, Antares jumped out of the way just in time, sending another blast from his power. The Sailorscouts managed to avoid the attack but Antares struck back with even more energy.

"Sailormoon, look out !!" scream Tuxedo mask as he leap toward her and pushing her out of the way.

"Tuxedo mask, noooooo !!!!" Sailormoon cried as he was struck by the beam. She ran towards him and fell on the grown next to him. "Get out of here Sailormoon, save yourself" he managed to whisper to her. "Oh Darien..."she said with tears on her cheeks.

"Mars flame sniper"

"Sparkling wide pressure"

"Mercury aqua rhapsody"

"Venus love and beauty shock"

The attacks hit Antares good this time as he fell on to the grown. Strugling to get up on his feet, he looked at the Scouts. "I'm out match for now" he yelled, "but I'll be back, you can count on it". On that, he disapeared into the darkness.

Running back to where Sailormoon and Tuxedo mask where, they saw that he was injured very badly from the attack. "We have to get him inside" said Mercury and the others nodded. The Scouts carried Darien back into the temple while Mars was helping Sailormoon climb up the stairs.

Inside the temple, Darien was resting on Raye's bed. His injuries were severe and they knew that he was dying.

"Maybe we could heal him with our powers" said Lita, looking down on Darien.

"Please leave me alone with him" ask Serena with her face covered with tears.

"Serena..." started Raye.

"Just leave" she said calmly. They looked at her and they nodded, leaving the room quietly. When Serena was sure that they where gone, she took out her locket, holder of the silver crystal.

"Serena..." Darien whispered. "Don't use the crystal, you might not..."

"Darien" Serena started," I can't stay here and watch you die. You saved my life and I... I love you." Darien smile at her, forgetting his pain. "I was hoping that you would say that" he said. "I love you Serena, I always have and I always will". "But you mustn't use the crystal, you're too weak from the fight and..."

"I have to Darien" she said, crying. "I... I must"

She held the crystal over Darien in her hands. She close her eyes and started concentrating. The silver crystal began to glow and the light grew stronger.

"Serena... don't..."

"It's been too long" said Raye, sitting next to the fire with the other girls.

"I agree" said Mina, worried too. "Why don't we go see if everything is alright, just in case" she added.

Everyone nodded and they got up. Opening the door where Serena and Darien where, they're eyes grew wider. They saw Serena, lying on the floor, lifeless with her locket in her right hand.

"Serena !!" they all screamed, running next to her.

"is she...." Lita whispered.

"No, she's still alive" said Amy. "But she's very weak, I can hardly get any life signs from her".

"She used the crystal to save Darien" Mina said, walking near him. "Look !! His wounds are almost all healed !!" she said, surprised.

"Let's get Serena in the next room" said Raye who was very worried about her condition.

"Right" said the others.

Moving Serena in the next room, they put her on the bed. "She very warm" said Lita. "You think she has a fever or something ?"

"I'm not sure" said Amy. "But I'll go..."

"Wait", said Raye. Look at her.."

Looking closer at Serena's face, light was emerging from her forehead. A few seconds later, a crescent moon appeared.

"What does this mean?" asked Mina, looking at Raye.

"I don't know" she said. "But I've got a very bad feeling about this..."

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