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The Past
Chapter 4 : The Circle of Life Has Begun
By Minako Chan

Two days later at the temple, the girls were siting around the fire, talking about they're new enemy and about Serena's condition.

"Something is definitely wrong guys, said Raye, Serena hasn't awakened yet".

"I've been examining her for the past few days and I can't find anything wrong with her except the fact that we can't wake her up", said Amy.

"I'm very worried", whispered Mina.

"Me too, said Lita. Most of all, Darien wounds are all healed and he's been siting in Serena's room since yesterday. He is very worried and I think that he feels guilty about all of this".

"He should be, screamed Raye. It's his fault that Serena used the crystal".

"Raye, started Mina, I know that you are angry because Darien hurt Serena and she left because of it but I don't think that Serena would have heal him if she didn't have anymore feelings for him. Most of all, Darien wouldn't be in her room right now if he didn't care".

"I know, whispered Raye, but I can't help it !! None of this would have happen if he hadn't hurt her in the first place".

"You don't know that Raye", said calmly Amy.

Raye turned away from Amy's look and she stared at the fire from the temple. Everyone stopped talking when I huge scream was heard.

"What was that, said Mina. It sounds like it came from Serena's room".

Everyone got up and started running towards Serena's room. Raye open the door and found Darien shaking Serena in her bed.

"I can't wake her up", screamed Darien.

"She's having a nightmare", said Raye as she pushed Darien to the side.

"Wake up Serena", Raye screamed as she slap Serena a few times in the face. "Wake up !!"

"It's not true....", scream Serena as she awaked up.

"Serena, said Raye, are you alright ?"

Serena pulled herself up and sat on the bed. She stared at the room a few seconds. "Where am I", she said. "What happened ?"

"You use the crystal," started Amy. "You healed Darien and you past out after that. You've been out of it almost two days. Don't you remember?"

"I think so, whispered Serena, putting her hand on her forehead. Ahh, my head hurts so much".

"Let me see, said Amy as she came closer. The crescent moon...."

"It's gone, said Raye. Hmmmm...."

"Serena," started Darien, "are you alright ?"

"Tired," she managed to say looking at Darien. "I... I think so".

"You need your rest now", said seriously Amy.

"Right," said Raye. "We'll let you sleep and we'll try to find some information about are new enemy".

Serena nodded, to weak to speak or to give them the information that she already has. The girls left the temple, leaving Darien to watch over Serena, even if Raye didn't exactly agree with it. Outside the temple, Raye stopped and looked at the other girls.

"What happened to her crescent moon", she whispered.

"I don't know Raye, said Amy, but I think we should asked her later when she will be feeling better".

All of the girls nodded as they continued walking down the stairs.

Meanwhile, at the temple, Darien got Serena some orange juice that she asked for.

"Thank you", she said.

"Serena, Darien started, "I'm sorry that all of this has happened. I ...."

"It's not your fault Darien," she said. "You know, all the time that I was in America, I... I couldn't have a relationship with someone, I didn't want to I think. I thought that I needed time to forget you but when I saw you there, dying, it came to me that I couldn't live without you. Even if I sometimes feel the pain that I once had, I couldn't let you die".

Serena turned away from Darien's look but he pulled her back. They looked at each other for a few seconds and softly, Darien kissed Serena on the lips. Serena accepted the kiss and she kissed him back. A few moments later, they pulled away from each other.

"I never thought that we would kiss again" said sadly Serena. "I've been having these feelings for a long time but I couldn't express them to anyone. I.."

"I've been feeling the same way, Serena", said Darien.

Darien pulled back Serena and kissed her again. Serena was warm inside and she didn't know why. She started breathing hard as she wrap herself around Darien. They continued to kiss has they felled back on the bed.

An hour later, Darien got up from the bed and stared at Serena, sleeping. He was happy to have found her and he was also happy that she still loved him after all this time. A few minutes later, the girls were back from they're exploration. Darien left the room and asked the girls what they have found.

"Nothing much", said Lita.

"We tried contacting Sailor Pluto but we didn't have any luck", continued Mina.

"How is she", asked Raye.

"She's sleeping," said Darien. "I think she's gonna be alright".

"Good", said Raye.

A few hours later, they were still talking about the new enemy when someone came in the room.

"Serena," said Raye. "what are you doing up, you need you rest".

"I'm hungry", said Serena with a smile on her face. "I could go for some pizza with fries. Oh ! Maybe some ice scream too with chocolate on top!"

"Oh yeah, she's ok now !", said Lita and everyone started laughing.

"What's so funny", Serena asked smiling.

"Nothing," said Mina. "Alright, let's order some pizza".

"Don't forget the ice cream too !!", Serena added laughing while Mina was calling from Raye's room.

"This is gonna be great!"

Somewhere, sometime, in an other place....

"Stay still", said a dark, creepy voice. "I can't heal you if you keep moving like this".

"Just do your job Healer, said another voice. This was only a test".

"Antares, you have to be more careful next time so you won't find yourself again in this position".

"Don't worry, the next time will be different," said Antares.

A few minutes later, a woman entered the room. She had a dark robe, covering her black hair. The only thing that you could see was her green eyes.

"I'm sorry to disturb you master but I have some interesting news for you", said the woman.

"What is it sorcerer", Antares screamed.

"It has begun", she whispered.

"What has ?", said Antares.

"The circle of life, said the woman. But you must act quickly before they learned of this. Before SHE knows".

"Perfect, said Antares, laughing. This will be so easy".

"Be careful Antares, said the sorcerer. The sailor scouts are powerful and if they find out about this..."

"They won't, said Antares. I'll make sure of that. But first, I'll give them something to worry about so they won't have time to find out what's really going on".

"Very good idea", said the woman.

"While I'm at it, why not making a little bit painful ?"

Later that night, in bed, Serena thought about Darien. She was happy that he loved her and she was happy they were together again. "It's my destiny" she said before falling in to a deep sleep.

But that night, she had a strange dream....

"Where am I," she said. "What am I doing out of the temple ?". She looked at herself and realize that she was Sailormoon.

"Help me...", a voice said.

"Who's there", Sailormoon asked as she was going down the stairs. Then, she stopped.

"Reeny, she managed to say, shocked. What are you doing back in the past ?"

"Help me...", Reeny said again.

"She is mine", said a familiar voice.

"Leave her alone Antares", Sailormoon screamed.

Behind Reeny, Antares stood there, laughing.

"She is mine", he said just before vanishing in the air.

"Nooooooooo......", Sailormoon screamed.


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