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The Past
Chapter 5 : The Truth
By Minako Chan

Serena was sitting in her bed, staring at the darkness of the room. She held her head, wanting it to stop spinning. "What happened" she wondered. "Reeny !!!" she screamed as she jump out of bed. She opened the door, still in her nightgown, running toward the main door when Raye stopped her.

"Serena, what's wrong, she said to her friend. Where are you going dress like that".

"It's Reeny, Serena said still running, we have to save her. Antares has her, I'm sure of it".

"Serena stop for a moment, Raye yelled at her. How do you know this for sure ?"

"Well...", she said, stopping at the front door. "I had a dream about it.... it felt so weird..."

Serena started to tell Raye her dream and Raye shooked her head.

"Serena, you don't know for sure if he has her and we should call a meeting with the others before jumping to conclusions".

"He might hurt her if we wait too long..." she said, crying. "I don't want that to happened".

"Serena, get a grip on yourself, Raye yelled to her. And stop crying !!! Wait here, I'll go call everyone and we will decide after. Ok ?"

Serena nodded has she sat down on a pillow. Raye left the room and called everyone to tell them what happened. An hour later, everyone was at the temple, including Darien. Serena told them the same story that she told Raye and everyone remained silent. After she was done, she looked at them.

"What are we gonna do", she managed to say.

"Raye, said Amy, did you get any bad vibes last night?"

"No... not exactly", she replied.

"What do you mean not exactly", screamed Serena, furious.

"Calm down Serena", Raye whispered. "I did sense something last night but it wasn't an evil presence".

"Something wrong here", said Mina, looking at Serena.

A few seconds later, Serena was feeling dizzy. "What wrong with me", she said to herself, holding her head with her hands.

"Serena, said Darien worried, what's wrong?"

Serena did not answer as she removed her hands from her forehead, staring at Darien.

"What the...", Raye whispered.

"Darien, I...I don't feel.." she managed to say before collapsing on the grown.

"Serena", they all yelled as they pick her up from the grown. Staring at her, Raye put her fingers on her forehead. "a crescent moon" she whispered.

"What does this mean", said Amy, worried. "We should..."

"Look out", yelled Lita as a energy blast mist them by not much.

"Did you miss me", said an evil voice.

"Antares", Raye said, furious. "Transformed!!"

"Mars Crystal Power"

"Venus Crystal Power"

"Mercury Crystal Power"

"Jupiter Crystal Power"

"Tuxedo mask, Raye yelled, get Serena out of here".

"Right", he said, leaving the temple.

"Not so fast cape boy, I brought a friend today", Antares said, pointing at a woman with a dark robe and green eyes.

"Let me introduce myself, the woman said. I'm Mystifia, the sorcerer of all time. I was once a guardian of time like Pluto but I was banish from my world. This time, nothing will stop me" she said laughing.

"Mystifia, Antares said, get the princess while I take care of these sailor scouts".

"In your dreams pal", said Jupiter.

"Have it your way", said Antares, sending them a blast of dark energy.

"Look out" said Darien, holding on to Serena, sill unconscious.

"Mars celestrial fire surround"

"Venus love chain encircle"

The attacks collapse together as the energy created a bright light, blinding the scouts. Raye turned away from the light and saw a image behind Tuxedo mask.

"Tuxedo mask", she yelled running in his direction, look out..."

"Forgot about me did you", Mystifia said, throwing an energy blast at him.

"Arrrrrgggg", he yelled, falling on the grown with Serena in his hands.

"Mars flame sniper"

The flames speeding toward the Sorcerer were absorbed into the woman. "You can't hurt me, said Mystifia laughing. My powers are much greater than yours".

"How can this be", said Jupiter.

"Lets all attack her at once", said Mercury.

"Mars flame sniper"

"Sparkling wide pressure"

"Venus love and beauty shock"

"Mercury aqua rhapsody"

Mystifia jump out the way of the attacks and Antares hit them with a blast from behind. The girls screamed of pain as they felled on the grown.

"Back to business", said Mystifia, moving towards the princess.

"You can't have her", Darien managed to say while getting up.

"You're still alive", laugh Mystifia rising her staff towards Darien.

"Darien...look out...", whispered Serena, waking up.

The staff hit Darien in the chest and he was thrown away from Serena.

"Get out of here Serena...", yelled Mercury, trying to get up.

Serena got up but was to weak to run. A small red ball appeared in Mystifia's hand and she through it towards Serena.

"Nooooooo..." Serena screamed in pain as she was being wrapped by the energy.

Trapped in the energy ball, Serena collapsed again under the terrible pain. The ball lifted up in the air, near Antares.

"You won't have her", said Jupiter rising from the grown.

"It's too late sailor scouts, Antares said, she is now mine as it was meant to be. Now, I have them both".

"Serena was right, said Venus, he does have Reeny".

"Reeny, said Antares laughing as he turned to Venus. I have her but not the way that you think".

"What do you mean", asked Mars.

"You see, said Antares, your dear princess is pregnant. Leading you to believe that I had Reeny was a way to get you off track and it work so well".

"Serena is not pregnant", screamed Mars. She would have told us about it".

"But she doesn't know...not yet. And now, I've the princess and her child. Nothing will stop me from ruling this planet" said Antares as he vanished with Mystifia and the princess.

Everyone looked at they're selves while Mercury help Darien get up. Mars turned around and looked at Darien with her face all red.

"Is this true", she yelled at him. "You knew about this all the time, didn't you. Is she pregnant?"

"I don't know", he managed to say.

"How could she be pregnant if she didn't have sex with anyone ?", Venus asked. "This doesn't make any sense".

"You didn't, did you ?", Mars asked, looking at Darien.

Darien turned his eyes away from Mars, not answering to the question.

"Well, look who's up ?", said Antares, looking at the princess in a energy cage.

"Why have you brought me here", Serena asked.

"Why, he repeated, because you are gonna rule Crystal Tokyo with me. We will be one happy family : you, me and are daughter".

"Are daughter, the princess said, you must me kidding. I will never have a child with you !!"

"But it's too late, said Antares. You are already pregnant".

"I am not", she said firmly. Then, thinking about Darien, she realize that it might be possible. "This can not be" she thought.

"Believe me, he said, knowing what she was thinking, you are and we will rule together my dear princess. You better get used to the idea".

"I will never serve you !!!" she yelled at him.

"I'm not worried, he said, I have ways to make you change sides. Trust me".

An evil laugh filled the room as he was walking away. Serena started to cry as she sat back on the floor of her cage.

"What am I going to do now..."

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