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The Past
Chapter 6 : Will Power
By Minako Chan

After some time, Serena woke up but she was not in her cage. Trying to move, she notice that chains were attached to her wrists and feet. She pulled on them to break free but with no luck.

"Finally awake", a voice said. It's about time. I have plans for you".

"Antares...", she managed to said. Why are you doing this to me ?"

"Simple princess, he said. I want to rule earth and I need someone to rule with me. But don't worry, you will understand better soon".

"I will never join with you !!", she screamed at him.

"Let's find out how strong you really are", he said, rising his hands in the air.

"What are you doing", Serena asked, scared.

With out answering, a blue light appeared, surounding Antares. In a flash, the light bounced back towards Serena. Feeling the pain from the light, Serena screamed.

"What are you doing", she asked again to Antares.

"I'm sorry to use a cruel way like this but I think that sharing are thought will make you understand how much I need you".

Suddenly, images filled her mind. Pain, death... "I have to overcome his powers" she thought. "I can't let him get to me...I can't... Nooooooo....."

Back at the temple, the girls and Darien were recovering from their injuries. Raye had called Heather (Sailor Pluto) and she told her what had happened. Heather told Raye to stay at the temple and that she would be there soon. They were all waiting in silence. No one had the courage to look at each other.

"What are we gonna do", whispered Mina.

No one answer because they had no answer to give her. Suddenly, the door opened at Heather came in. The girls sighed in relief and they welcome her.

"Heather, started Amy, we are so glad that you are here. Serena was captured and she's..."

"Pregnant, cutting off Amy, I know. I could feel it".

"We have to get her back", said Raye.

"It's not gonna be that easy, said Heather. I could teleport you there but..."

"Then what are we waiting for, yelled Raye, we can't just stand here !!"

"I know but you must understand something before we leave, started Heather. I know that we could take out Antares but I'm more worried about Mystifia."

"Why is that ?", asked Lita.

"She was once one of us", whispered Heather. She was a guardian like myself once but she used her powers for wrong and she was banish from Pluto. Alot of time has past since and she is now stronger than ever. I am the only one that could stop her", she added, looking at the sky.

"There is more to this isn't there ?", asked Raye, noticing the change in Heather behavior.

"Yes...but that's between her and me", she said.

"This is all my fault", spoked Darien for the first time during this meeting. "Now she's gone and with are child. I will never forgive myself for this if something happens to her".

"Don't blame yourself, said Raye. You guys are in love and things like this happens to people who care about each other."

Everybody looked at Raye in shocked. They never would have thought that she would say something like this. After a few moments, Raye stood up.

"let's go and get her back !!"

"Right", everyone said, getting up.

"Wait a minute, said Raye. Heather, do you know why Serena's crescent moon keeps appearing for no reason ?"

"She's grown up", Heather said, smiling. "She's beginning to accept her past life as the moon princess and, by doing so, her true self will emerge and that's what happening now. By doing so, her powers are also getting stronger and I don't like the idea that Antares has her. If he gets her to come on their side, we will not be able to bring her back".

They all nodded as they left the temple to prepare for the finale battle.

"So princess, how do you feel now", Antares asked.

Serena was on the floor, breathing fast and she was very weak. She looked at Antares, confused.

"I...I will never be a part of this, she managed to say. Never !!!"

"I know you will", laughed Antares. "It's gonna take some time but you won't be able to resist for ever".

Serena stayed on the grown, to weak to get up. Antares released the chains and took her up in his arms. He opened a room and put Serena on the bed. Looking at room, Serena thought that it was quite lovely even if it was small. She also notice that light was coming from a window."We must still be on earth", she thought but she was to tired to think about it. Antares moved next to next and he sat on the bed.

"So beautiful...", he whispered while playing in her hair. His hands moved lower and they caressed her breasts gently.

"No...don't...", Serena said but couldn't move.

Antares smiled and pulled up her dress slowly. She tried to struggle be couldn't. "This can't be happening, she said, crying. Darien, where are you..." Then, Mystifia came in the room and Antares got up.

"What is it", he yelled, angry.

"They are coming, she said. SHE is coming with them."

"Is the trap ready ?", Antares asked.

"Yes my lord", Mystifia answered with a smile.

"Good, now leave us", he said.

Mystifia nodded and left the room. Antares turned back towards Serena and kissed her on the cheek.

"You're friends are coming my dear", he said to her. "But I'm afraid that they won't be able to save you. You see, I've prepared a little trap for them and believe me, they won't get away".

On that, he left the room leaving Serena lying on the bed. She watch him leave as she put her hand on her stomach, still crying.

"I have to help them, she said, but how...."

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