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The Past
Chapter 7 : Death of the moon princess/New evil emerges
By Minako Chan

"Where are we", whispered Jupiter while crawling into a dark tunnel.

"We are at Antares's hideout, said Pluto. I discovered this when I was searching for Mystifia. It's an under grown hideout in the mountains, not far from your home".

"Do you think that they know that we are here", asked Mars.

"I'm not sure but..."

"Aaaahhhhhhh", they all screamed, falling from a trap door.

As they hit the grown in pain, they tried to get up but couldn't. Some kind of force was pulling them near the grown.

"We can't move, yelled Mercury. Something is keeping us from doing so".

"We have to get out, screamed Venus. Look, there a door at the other end of the room".

As they try to get to the door, it opened.

"Well, well, look what the cat drag in", laughed Mystifia.

"Guys, look out", yelled Tuxedo mask.

"You will not be needing those", said Mystifia, sending out a ray of light at them.

"Are pens, said Mercury as she transformed back into her own self, she has are pens".

"Noooo", yelled Venus.

"Now my friends, it's time for the big finally, said Mystifia holding the pens in her hand. I'm sure you are gonna enjoy this Sailor Pluto. I'm gonna let you watch your worst fears come to live and, after that, you are mine".

On that, she teleport everyone to the main room. When they realize where they where, chains of energy where holding them to the wall. Mystifia wasn't there but Antares was. Raye noticed that the pens where on a table, on the other side of the room.

"Welcome Sailorscouts and Tuxedo mask at my home", he said. "I hope you enjoy your stay here but it's not gonna be very long", he added laughing. "Mystifia !!"

"Right here my lord", she said, carrying the princess.

"Serena", they all yelled.

"What do you want from her", yelled Raye trying to break free from the chains.

"I want her !! All of her !!", Antares answered.

Serena was awake but she was too weak to say or do anything. She watch as her friends tried to break free from the chains. "What can I do", she whispered crying. Mystifia place Serena on a table. Serena turned her face one more time at Darien, knowing that this was the end. "I love you..." she whispered to him. Tears where rolling down Darien's face as he whispered back to his love the same thing.

"It is time", Antares said holding his hands in the air. "I call upon the great powers of the dark moon. Give me the power to turn the princess to me".

An incredible burst of energy came down on Serena. She yelled as hard as she could but the pain kept getting greater. A few moments later, Serena collapsed on the table, not moving. Her clothes started to tear apart an a black dress to it's place. Her hair was now dark purple and her crescent moon was black. At that moment, the imperial silver crystal appeared. Serena raised her hands in the air, still unconscious, and a huge light came from it. A few seconds later, the light was gone and the crystal was now submerge with dark energy. With all of it's power gone and new powers in it's place, the crystal turned black.

"Nooooooo", yelled Darien. "Serenaaaaaaaa".

"It's too late", laugh Antares. "She is now mine".

A few minutes later, the energy that hit Serena was gone. Everyone was watching her as she woke up from her dark sleep. She stood up and the girls where shocked.

"Your princess is dead", the dark voice coming from Serena said. "I'll be taking her place".

"This can't be", whispered Darien. "Serena..."

"Oh but it can", she said. "And I have a new name now. You can call me Anya, the goddess of death."

"Serena, Raye screamed, you have to overcome this evil".

"Like I said, your princess is now dead and she is not coming back, believe me".

"We failed", whispered Heather. She had lost the only hope for this planet.

"You have, Anya replied, and now, you will die".

"My dear, started Antares as he came closer to her, you may choose anyone you like to start with".

Anya smiled at him, pleased. Antares put his arms around her and kissed her passionately. After a few seconds, he pulled away and said "who do you choose". Anya looked at the girls and Darien. She turn back to Antares and said "I want him to die first", pointing at Darien.

"Very well my dear", Antares said while Mystifia brought Darien in the center of the room, still in chains. On his knees, he look at her eyes. "They were so dark and cold", he thought.

"Serena", yelled Raye, you can't do this".

"You and him were meant for each other", said Mina.

"Serena, listen to us", yelled Lita.

"Serena, don't do this", screamed Amy.

"Serena, started Darien, I love you. Please, come back to me my love".

Anya laugh as hard as she could. "You really think that this crap is working", she asked. Holding the dark crystal in her hands, she pointed it at Darien. A dark glow came from it. With a smile, she looked at the crystal and said "dark crystal, destroy him". On that, the energy formed a ball of dark light wich Anya was holding.

"Fairwell", she said laughing.

"Serenaaaaa, don't", the girls yelled.

Still feeling guilty, he closed his eyes and waited for the energy to hit him. Anya look at him one last time and then she send flying into the air the energy wich was going right for him. The girls watch in horror what was going on but then, something appeared between Anya and Darien.

"Nooooooo, the little voice yelled, you can't do this, you just can't..."

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