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Table of Contents

  1. What is a webring?
  2. Why should you join this webring?
  3. Why are there so many rules?
  4. Step-by-step application porcedure

1. What is a webring?

According to the definition given by, a webring allows "sites [that] have banded together to form their sites into linked circles... to allow more visitors to reach them quickly and easily." For a demonstration of this definition, visit the Webrings page.

2. Why should you join this webring?

First of all, joining a webring should* bring more traffic and visitors to your homepage. However, this webring is more than just copying and pasting a HTML fragment onto your homepage: By joining this ring, you are entitled to take part in ring member only events (eg. contests, giveaways, etc.). Also, this ring has a "Ring Site of the Month" and if your site happens to be a Ring Site of the Month, a direct link to your homepage will be posted on the ring main page for that month.

* Joining a webring will temporarily bring more traffic and visitors to your site. However, if your site is poorly designed and/or has nothing relevant on it, then you won't be getting any return visitors.

3. Why are there so many rules?

The rules and guidelines are put in place to save time and energy. If you compile with all the rules (eg. copying and pasting the HTML fragment correctly onto your homepage), then you get added to the ring faster. However, if you don't follow the rules (eg. you send in invalid information, the HTML fragment is all wrong, etc.), then I have to delete you from the queue. And, if you still want to be in the ring, you'll have to do everything all over again! Takes a lot of time, eh?

4. Step-by-step application procedure

For those of you confused about applying to the ring, here's a thorough step-by-step application procedure I've made up, complete with a mock Sailormoon page to help guide you through the registration process. If you still have questions afterward (but you really shouldn't...^-^;;;), feel free to e-mail me. However, if your question can be answered by the ring FAQ, I won't reply back.

  1. First of all, make sure you have a Sailormoon page and that it is not "Under Construction." (If you're unsure as to what I mean by 'under construction', visit the Guidelines page for more specific details.)

    At the moment, let's say you do have a Sailormoon page and at present, it looks like this.

  2. Now, you need to go the the HTML Fragments page and select a fragment that you'd like to use for your page. Let's say you pick the second choice. In the text box beside the example shown, copy the fragment and paste it onto your homepage. To do this, highlight the text in the text box, right click your mouse, and from the menu that pops up, select "copy." Then open the editor you use to edit your homepage, and paste the fragment onto your page.

    Our example Sailormoon homepage now looks like ths.

  3. Did you notice two things though? One: The logo doesn't show up. And two: if you click on certain links like "previous" or "next", you're taken to a site that asks you to enter your ring ID, site ID, and password. This is because, we haven't filled in your site ID or saved a ring logo to your disk space. In the following steps, we will fill in the information we missed.

  4. First, go to Ring Logos page and select a logo that you like. Let's say we pick the Sailor Uranus logo. Click on the image and you'll be shown a larger version of the logo. This is the logo that you use to put on your page! Not the previous, smaller thumbnail version!

  5. Right click on the larger logo with your mouse, and from the menu that pops up, choose the option 'save picture as'. The option may vary across different browsers, but they should all mean the same thing (ie. save as, save image as, save image, etc.).

  6. From the dialogue box that shows up, make sure you save the image to a location you know you can retrieve from later. I recommend creating a folder and saving the image into that folder. Let's say we name the logo as "uranuslogo.jpg". (Notice that the .jpg extension isn't completely necessary, as the program should automatically detect that the image is of .jpg format.)

  7. Now upload the image you just saved to your web host (ie. the server that hosts your Sailormoon page. For most people, it will probably be a Geocities page, a Tripod page, or an Angelfire page).

  8. Open up your HTML editor again, and search the ring HTML fragment for the place where it says --RINGLOGO--. Delete the --RINGLOGO-- and replace it with uranuslogo.jpg.

  9. Save the changes made to your page and upload it to your webhost.

    Our example Sailormoon page now looks like this.

  10. Next, we need to fill in the areas where it says --SITEID#--. At the moment, you haven't applied to the ring yet. Now's a good time to... ^-^;; Head on over to the Application page and make sure that all the requested info is filled in properly! (Homepage urls look like this: and not like something something something. Also, e-mail addresses look like this: and not like something.)

  11. After you've applied, check your e-mail account and you should've received an e-mail that welcomes you to the ring, and tells you your site ID as well as your password. Save this e-mail for future reference!!! If you forget your password and/or site ID, you won't be able to change you site information or take part in webring events!!!

    For this example, let's say that the the site ID is 1.

  12. Now open your HTML editor and find the areas of the ring fragment that has --SITEID#-- in it. Delete these areas and replace it with your site ID.

  13. After you've saved the changes you've made to your page, upload it again to your web host.

    For our example Sailormoon page, the results now look like this. Notice that the links all work now. ^-^

  14. If your ring HTML fragment still isn't working properly after this, read over this FAQ again, and make sure you've followed every step. Then, check your own HTML and make sure you haven't misspelled anything. If you believe you did everything correctly, and the HTML fragment still doesn't seem to be working, e-mail me and I'll try to help out.

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