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Character Profile

Japanese Name: Kino Makoto
NA English Name: Lita
Character: Sailor Jupiter
Birthday: December 5
Blood Type: O
Favorite Hobby: Bargaining
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Cherry Pies
Least Favorite Food: Doesn't have one
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Physics
Afraid Of: Airplanes (or flying on them)

Sailor Jupiter

Character Biography

Kino Makoto, also known as Sailor Jupiter, is the complete opposite of the clichè, "Think before you act." She often jumps to conclusions and rather than trying to figure things out, she favors the use of force as a means to an end (although that is not always the case). However, as a result of her incredible strength, her attack is probably the most distructive out of all the inner senshi. On the other hand, while Makoto may sometimes appear tomboyish to the extreme, one must note that she can also be the complete opposite, especially where her 'senpai' is concerned. In the Japanese anime/manga, senpai roughly translates to one you look up to (eg. an older student who commands a lot of respect due to academics, athletics, etc. - While not widely used in North American, in Asia, such as Japan and China, senpai is used quite frequently.) In the North American dub, she merely refers to him as 'her previous boyfrined.'

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