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Character Profile

Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi
NA English Name: Serena
Character: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon in the series Sailormoon Super (Sailormoon S) and in the series Sailormoon Super Super (Sailormoon Super S), Eternal Sailor Moon (Sailormoon Sailor Stars), Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom in her past, Queen Serenity of 30th Century Crystal Tokyo
Birthday: June 30th
Blood Type: Type O
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Hobby: Eating cake
Favorite Food: Cake=)
Least Favorite Food: Red Carrots
Favorite Subject in School: Home Ec.
Least Favorite Subject: Math and English
Afraid Of: Going to the dentist and anything spooky like ghosts and vampires.

Sailor Moon

Character Biography

When the anime, Sailormoon, made its debut in 1992, Tsukino Usagi was a 14 year old who, with the help of the mysterious, black cat, Luna, received the powers to henshin (transform) into the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon). Being the first to become a Sailor Senshi (excluding Sailor V, also known as Aino Minako or Sailor Venus), she was given the role as leader of the (Inner) Sailor Senshi, as well as the responsibility of finding, and protecting the Moon Princess. However, the identity of the Moon Princess was soon revealed to be Usagi herself, and thus began a series of events that would establish the foundation of the anime, Sailormoon.

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